Area 3

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Subject:  Area 3

Part 3: List for questions and answers of Area


Q1. An error 2% in excess is made while measuring the side of a square. The percentage of error in the calculated area of the square is:

a) 1.04

b) 2.04

c) 3.04

d) 4.04


Q2. The ratio between the perimeter and the breadth of a rectangle is 5 : 1. If the area of the rectangle is 216 sq. cm, what is the length of the rectangle?

a) 16

b) 18

c) 20

d) 22


Q3. The base of a parallelogram is twice its height. If the area of the parallelogram is 72 sq. cm, find its height

a) 6

b) 7

c) 8

d) 9


Q4. A 3 by 4 rectangle is inscribed in circle. What is the circumference of the circle?

a) 2.5π

b) 3π

c) 5π

d) 4π


Q5. The ratio of the area of a square to that of the square drawn on its diagonal is

a) 1:2

b) 2;3

c) 3:1

d) 4:1


Q6. The ratios of areas of two squares, one having its diagonal double than the other is

a) 2:1

b) 2:3

c) 3:1

d) 4:1 


Q7. The percentage increase in the area of a rectangle, if each of its sides is increased by 20%

a) 22%

b) 33%

c) 44%

d) 55%


Q8. The inner circumference of a circular race track, 14 m wide, is 440 m. Find radius of the outer circle

a) 44

b) 22

c) 33

d) 84


Q9. A wheel makes 1000 revolutions in covering a distance of 88 km. Find the radius of the wheel.

a) 14

b) 13

c) 12

d) 11


Q10. A room of 5m 44cm long and 3m 74cm broad is to be paved with squre tiles. Find the least number of squre tiles required to cover the floor.

a) 136

b) 146

c) 166

d) 176


Q11. A circular swimming pool is surrounded by a concrete wall 4ft wide. If the area of the concrete wall surrounding the pool is 11/25 that of the pool, then the radius of the pool is?

a) 10ft

b) 20ft

c) 30ft

d) 40ft


Q12. Three circles of radius 3.5cm are placed in such a way that each circle touches the other two. The area of the portion enclosed by the circles is

a) 1.967

b) 1.867

c) 1.767

d) 1.567 


Q13. What is the least number of squares tiles required to pave the floor of a room 15.17 m long and 9.02 m broad?

a) 814

b) 714

c) 614

d) 713


Q14. The area of a circular field is 13.86 hectares. Find the cost of fencing it at the rate of Rs. 4.40 per metre.

a) 2808

b) 3808

c) 4808

d) 5808


Q15. The length of the room is 5.5m and width is 3.75m. Find the cost of paving the floor by slabs at the rate of Rs.800 per sq meter

a) Rs.16500

b) Rs.15500

c) Rs.17500

d) Rs.18500


Q16. The diameter of the driving wheel of a bus is 140 cm. How many revolution, per minute must the wheel make in order to keep a speed of 66 kmph ?

a) 150

b) 250

c) 350

d) 550


Q17. A triangle has a perimeter 13. The two shorter sides have integer lengths equal to x and x + 1. Which of the following could be the length of the other side?

a) 4

b) 6

c) 8

d) None of the above


Q18. Find the length of a rope by which a cow must be tethered in order that it may be able to graze an area of 9856 sq meters.

a) 56m

b) 16m

c) 14m

d) 76m 


Q19. A rectangular grassy plot 110m by 65cm has a gravel path .5cm wide all round it on the inside. Find the cost of gravelling the path at 80 paise per

a) 680rs

b) 480rs

c) 340rs

d) 320rs


Q20. Find the area of a right-angled triangle whose base is 12 cm and hypotenuse is 13cm.

a) 30

b) 40

c) 50

d) 60 


Part 3: List for questions and answers of Area


Q1. Answer: d

Q2. Answer: b

Q3. Answer: a

Q4. Answer: c

Q5. Answer: a

Q6. Answer: d

Q7. Answer: c

Q8. Answer: d

Q9. Answer: a

Q10. Answer: d

Q11. Answer: b

Q12. Answer: a

Q13. Answer: a

Q14. Answer: d

Q15. Answer: a

Q16. Answer: b

Q17. Answer: b

Q18. Answer: a

Q19. Answer: a

Q20. Answer: a