Placement Paper 10

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Subject: Placement Paper 10

Part 10: List for questions and answers of Sample Placement Paper


Q1. Make the sentence meaningful: Rohan and Rohit are twin brothers, but they do not look…..

a) alike

b) Different

c) Likely

d) Unique


Q2. Make the sentence meaningful: …… Of old paintings is a job for experts.

a) Resumption

b) Resurrection

c) Retrieval

d) Restoration



a) Language:deaf

b) speech:dumb

c) Tongue:sound

d) Voice:vibration



a) Mesa:plateau

b) Foreigner:immigrant

c) moron:savant

d) Pedagogue:teacher



a) Art:appreciation

b) Leonardo:music

c) Colours:pallet

d) Fresco:painter


Q6. In a class composed of x girls and y boys what part of the class is composed of girls

a) x/(x + y)

b) Y/(x + y)

c) X/xy

d) Y/xy 


Q7. What is the maximum number of half-pint bottles of cream that can be filled with a 4- gallon can of cream(2 pt.=1 qt. And 4 qt.=1 gal)

a) 30

b) 24

c) 64

d) 16


Q8. If the operation,^is defined by the equation x ^ y = 2x + y,what is the value of a in2 ^a = a ^3

a) 1

b) 0

c) -1

d) 4


Q9. In a group of 15,7 have studied Latin, 8 have studied Greek, and 3 have not studied either. How many of these studied both Latin and Greek

a) 0

b) 4

c) 3

d) 5


Q10. If 13 = 13w/(1-w) ,then (2w)^2 =

a) 2

b) 3

c) 1/2

d) 1


Q11. If a:b = 2:3 and b:c = 4:3, then find a:b:c

a) 8:12:9

b) 2:3:8

c) 2:3:9

d) 2:3:12


Q12. If a and b are positive integers and (a-b)/3.5 = 4/7, then

a) b < a

b) B > a

c) B = a

d) B >= a 


Q13. M men agree to purchase a gift for Rs. D. If three men drop out how much more will each have to contribute towards the purchase of the gift/

a) M/(D-3)

b) 3D/(M2-3M)

c) MD/3

d) D/(M-3)


Q14. If 2x-y=4 then 6x-3y=?

a) 11

b) 12

c) 13

d) 14


Q15. If x=y=2z and xyz=256 then what is the value of x?

a) 6

b) 12

c) 8

d) 16


Q16. (1/10)18 – (1/10)20 = ?

a) 99/1020

b) 99/10

c) 0.9

d) None of these


Q17. Pipe A can fill in 20 minutes and Pipe B in 30 mins and Pipe C can empty the same in 40 mins.If all of them work together, find the time taken to fill the tank

a) None of these

b) 8 mins

c) 20 mins

d) 17 1/7 mins


Q18. Thirty men take 20 days to complete a job working 9 hours a day.How many hour a day should 40 men work to complete the job?

a) 8 hrs

b) 9 hrs

c) 7 1/2 hrs

d) 7 hrs 


Q19. Find the smallest number in a GP whose sum is 38 and product 1728

a) 20

b) 12

c) 14

d) 8


Q20. A boat travels 20 kms upstream in 6 hrs and 18 kms downstream in 4 hrs.Find the speed of the boat in still water and the speed of the water current?

a) 1/2 kmph

b) 7/12 kmph

c) 5 kmph

d) None of these 


Part 10: List for questions and answers of Sample Placement Paper


Q1. Answer: a

Q2. Answer: d

Q3. Answer: b

Q4. Answer: c

Q5. Answer: d

Q6. Answer: a

Q7. Answer: c

Q8. Answer: a

Q9. Answer: c

Q10. Answer: d

Q11. Answer: a

Q12. Answer: a

Q13. Answer: b

Q14. Answer: b

Q15. Answer:

Q16. Answer: a

Q17. Answer: d

Q18. Answer: c

Q19. Answer: d

Q20. Answer: b