Placement Paper 11

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Subject: Placement Paper 11

Part 11: List for questions and answers of Sample Placement Paper


Q1. On a 26 question test, five points were deducted for each wrong answer and eight points were added for each correct answer. If all the questions were answered, how many were correct, if the score was zero ?

a) 10

b) 8

c) 12

d) 14


Q2. In how many ways a team of 11 must be selected from 5 men and 11 women such that the team must comprise of not more than 3 men?

a) 2456

b) 1243

c) 1565

d) 2256


Q3. Given that 0 < a < b < c < d, which of the following the largest ?

a) (a+d) / (b+c)

b) (c+d) / (a+b)

c) (b+c) / (a+d)

d) (b+d) / (a+c)


Q4. Eesha bought 18 sharpeners for Rs.100. She paid 1 rupee more for each white sharpener than for each brown sharpener. What is the price of a white sharpener and how many white sharpener did she buy ?

a) Rs.5, 10

b) Rs.6, 8

c) Rs.6, 10

d) Rs.5, 8


Q5. The fourteen digits of a credit card are to be written in the boxes shown above. If the sum of every three consecutive digits is 18, then the value of x is :

a) 5

b) 2

c) 4

d) 3


Q6. Four people each roll a four die once. Find the probability that at least two people will roll the same number ?

a) 13/18

b) 5/18

c) 5/20

d) 1295/1296


Q7. Jake can dig a well in 16 days. Paul can dig the same well in 24 days. Jake, Paul and Hari together dig the well in 8 days. Hari alone can dig the well in

a) 96 days

b) 24 days

c) 48 days

d) 22 days


Q8. Mark told John “If you give me half your money I will have Rs.75. John said, “if you give me one third of your money, I will have Rs.75/- How much money did John have ?

a) 60

b) 45

c) 37.5

d) 48


Q9. Raj goes to market to buy oranges. If he can bargain and reduce the price per orange by Rs.2, he can buy 30 oranges instead of 20 oranges with the money he has. How much money does he have ?

a) Rs.100

b) Rs.50

c) Rs.120

d) Rs.130


Q10. If five students are transferred from A to B, what can be said about the average score of A; and what will happen to the average score of C in a transfer of 5 students from B to C ?

a) definite decrease in both cases

b) will remain constant in both cases

c) definite increase in both cases

d) can’t be determined in both cases 


Q11. A man has a job, which requires him to work 8 straight days and rest on the ninth day. If he started work on Monday, find the day of the week on which he gets his 12th rest day.

a) Thursday

b) Wednesday

c) Friday

d) None


Q12. (68-a)(68-b)(68-c)(68-d)(68-e) = 725  Find a+b+c+d= ?

a) 15

b) 12

c) 18

d) 20


Q13. 23 people are there, they are shaking hands together, How many hand shakes possible, if they are in pair of cyclic sequence ?

a) 20

b) 22

c) 24

d) 21


Q14. A bus starts at 6:00 pm. from starting point at d speed if 18m/s. reached its destination. Waited for 40 minutes. And again returned back at the speed of 28m/s. Find the time to reach the destination ?

a) 320

b) 232

c) 240

d) 250


Q15. 10 men and 10 women are there, they dance with each other, is there possibility that 2 men are dancing with same women and vice versa.

a) towards

b) Always

c) Never

d) None


Q16. There are 11 boys in a family. Youngest child is a boy. Probability is 1 that of all are boys out of?

a) 1024

b) 736

c) 578

d) 36 


Q17. How many parallelograms are formed by a set of 4 parallel lines intersecting on other set of 7 parallel lines ?

a) 1024

b) 524

c) 126

d) 36


Q18. Remainder of 2^47/47 ?

a) 4

b) 8

c) 2

d) 1


Q19. In school there are some bicycles and 4wheeler wagons. One Tuesday there are 58 wheels in the campus. How many bicycles are there?

a) 8

b) 5

c) 4

d) 7


Q20. If A works total in 10 days and B works total in 15 Days. If A+B of cost is Rs. 5000 then what is the share of B ?

a) 10000

b) 20000

c) 5000

d) 500 


Part 11: List for questions and answers of Sample Placement Paper


Q1. Answer: a

Q2. Answer: d

Q3. Answer: b

Q4. Answer: c

Q5. Answer: d

Q6. Answer: a

Q7. Answer: c

Q8. Answer: a

Q9. Answer: c

Q10. Answer: d

Q11. Answer: b

Q12. Answer: a

Q13. Answer: b

Q14. Answer: b

Q15. Answer: c

Q16. Answer: a

Q17. Answer: d

Q18. Answer: c

Q19. Answer: d

Q20. Answer: b