Volume 3

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Subject: Volume 3

Part 3: List for questions and answers of Volume


Q1. Two cones have their heights in the ratio 1:3 and the radii of their bases in the ratio 3:1. Find the ratio of their volumes.

a) 3:1

b) 2:1

c) 4:1

d) 5:1


Q2. How many bricks, each measuring 25 cm x 11.25 cm x 6 cm, will be needed to build a wall of 8 m x 6 m x 22.5 cm?

a) 5600

b) 6000

c) 6400

d) 7200


Q3. In a shower, 5 cm of rain falls. The volume of water that falls on 1.5 hectares of ground is:

a) 75 cubic meter

b) 750 cubic meter

c) 7500 cubic meter

d) 75000 cubic meter


Q4. How many bricks each measuring 25cm x 11.25cm x 6cm, will be needed to build a wall 8m x 6m x 22.5m

a) 5600

b) 600

c) 6400

d) 7200


Q5. The surface area of a cube is 1734 sq. cm. Find its volume

a) 2334 cubic.cm

b) 3356 cubic.cm

c) 4913 cubic.cm

d) 3478 cubic.cm 


Q6. Find the surface area of a10cm x 4cm x 3cm brick

a) 84

b) 124

c) 164

d) 180


Q7. The capacity of a tank of dimensions (8m x 6m x 2.5m)is

a) 120 litres

b) 1200 litres

c) 12000 litres

d) 120000 litres


Q8. The size of the wooden block is 5 x 10 x 20 cm .How many such blocks will be required to construct a solid wooden cube of minimum size?

a) 6

b) 8

c) 12

d) 16


Q9. There is a cylinder circumscribing the hemisphere such that their bases are common. Find the ratio of their volumes

a) 3/2

b) 5/2

c) 7/2

d) 9/2


Q10. The diagonal of a cube is cm. Find its surface area

a) 216 sq.cm

b) 316 sq.cm

c) 416 sq.cm

d) 516 sq.cm


Q11 The slant height of a right circular cone is 10 m and its height is 8 m. Find the area of its curved surface

a) 40pi sq.m

b) 50pi sq.m

c) 60pi sq.m

d) 70pi sq.m 


Q12. If the radius of base and height of a cone are increased by 10%, find the percentage of increase of its volume

a) 33.5%

b) 33.1%

c) 32.1%

d) 53.1%


Q13. A boat having a length 3 m and breadth 2 m is floating on a lake. The boat sinks by 1cm when a man gets on it. The mass of the man is:

a) 12 kg

b) 60 kg

c) 72 kg

d) 96 kg


Q14. The height of the wall is 6 times its width and lenght of the wall is 7 times its height .if the volume of the wall be 16128 cu.m.its width is

a) 4m

b) 5m

c) 6m

d) 7m


Q15. Find the surface area of a cuboid 16 m long, 14 m broad and 7 m high

a) 868 sq.cm

b) 920 sq.cm

c) 727 sq.cm

d) 900 sq.cm


Q16. 66 cubic centimetres of silver is drawn into a wire 1 mm in diameter. The length of the wire in metres will be:

a) 84

b) 90

c) 168

d) 336


Q17. A cuboidal block 6cm x 9cm x 12cm is cut up into an exact number of equal cubes.The least possible number of equal cubes will be

a) 6

b) 9

c) 24

d) 30 


Q18. Find the ratio of the surfaces of the inscribed and circumscribed spheres about a cube.

a) 1:2

b) 1;3

c) 1:4

d) 1:5


Q19. A towel, when bleached, was found to have lost 20% of its length and 10% of its breadth. The percentage of decrease in area is:

a) 10%

b) 10.08%

c) 20%

d) 28%


Q20. A tank is 25 m long, 12 m wide and 6 m deep. The cost of plastering its walls and bottom at 75 paise per sq. m, is:

a) Rs. 456

b) Rs. 458

c) Rs. 558

d) Rs. 568 


Part 3: List for questions and answers of Volume


Q1. Answer: a

Q2. Answer: c

Q3. Answer: b

Q4. Answer: c

Q5. Answer: c

Q6. Answer: c

Q7. Answer: d

Q8. Answer: b

Q9. Answer: a

Q10. Answer: a

Q11. Answer: c

Q12. Answer: b

Q13. Answer: b

Q14. Answer: a

Q15. Answer: a

Q16. Answer: a

Q17. Answer: c

Q18. Answer: a

Q19. Answer: d

Q20. Answer: c