Advance Surveying 6

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Subject: Advance Surveying 6

Part 6: List for questions and answers of Advance Surveying

Q1: The point at which sun’s declination changes from north to south, is known as?
a) First point of Aeries
b) First point of Libra
c) Vernal Equinox
d) Both (b) and (d) of the above

Q2: A star in northern sphere is said to transit?
a) When its altitude is maximum
b) When its azimuth is 180°
c) When it is in south
d) All the above

Q3: Parallax bar measures?
a) Parallax
b) Height
c) Parallax difference
d) Height difference

Q4: The altitude of a heavenly body is its angular distance, measured on the vertical circle passing through the body, above?
a) Equator
b) Horizon
c) Pole
d) None of these

Q5: In a spherical triangle ABC, right angled at C, sin b equals?
a) Sin a cos A
b) Cos a sin A
c) Tan a cot A
d) Cot A tan a

Q6: In a spherical triangle ABC right angled at C, sin b equals to?
a) Sin c sin B
b) Cos c cos B
c) Tan c tan B
d) Sin c cos B

Q7: The slotted template method?
a) Is prepared, by graphical method
b) Is suitable for large areas with less control
c) Is rapid and accurate
d) All the above

Q8: The declination and right ascension of the sun becomes 23° 27′ S and 270° respectively on?
a) March 21
b) June 21
c) September 21
d) December 22

Q9: The principal line is the line joining the principal point and?
a) Nadir
b) Isocentre
c) Perspective centre
d) None of these

Q10: Longitudes are measured from 0° to?
a) 180° eastward
b) 180° westward
c) 180° east or westward
d) 360° eastward

Q11: Rotation of the camera at exposure about horizontal axis normal to the line of flight, is known as?
a) Swing
b) Tilt
c) Tip
d) None of these

Q12: At lower culmination, the pole star moves?
a) Eastward
b) Westward
c) Northward
d) Southward

Q13: If δ is the declination of the star and φ Is the latitude of the observer, then the azimuth of the star at elongation is given by?
a) Sin z = sec φ . Cos δ
b) Cos z = sec φ . Cos δ
c) Tan z = sec φ . Cos δ

Q14: The altitudes of a circumpolar star at culminations are 70° and 10°, both culminations being north of zenith. The declination of the star, is?
a) 80°
b) 70°
c) 60°
d) 50°

Q15: For plane ground the scale of a vertical photograph will be same as that of a tiled photograph along the photo parallel through?
a) Isocentre
b) Plumb point
c) Principal point
d) None of these

Q16: The time interval between successive transits of the moon, is?
a) 24 hours 10 minutes
b) 20 hours 25 minutes
c) 24 hours 50 minutes
d) 23 hours 50 minutes

Q17: At the first point of Aeries, the sun moves?
a) Northward
b) Southward
c) From south to north of the equator
d) From north to south of the equator

Q18: The declination and right ascension of the sun are each equal to zero on?
a) March 21
b) June 21
c) September 21
d) December 22

Q19: From the principal point the horizon point lies on the principal line at a distance of?
a) F tan θ
b) F sin θ
c) F cot θ
d) F cos θ

Q20: The polaris remains below horizon at?
a) 10° N
b) 50° N Latitude
c) Equator
d) 5° S latitude

Part 6: List for questions and answers of Advance Surveying

Q1. Answer: d

Q2. Answer: d

Q3. Answer: c

Q4. Answer: b

Q5. Answer: c

Q6. Answer: a

Q7. Answer: d

Q8. Answer: d

Q9. Answer: b

Q10. Answer: c

Q11. Answer: c

Q12. Answer: a

Q13. Answer: a

Q14. Answer: c

Q15. Answer: a

Q16. Answer: c

Q17. Answer: c

Q18. Answer: a

Q19. Answer: a

Q20. Answer: d