Design of Steel Structures 6

Objective Questions and Answers of Civil Engineering: Design of Steel Structures 6

Subject: Design of Steel Structures 6

Part 6: Objective questions and answers of Design of Steel Structures


Q1. The least dimension in case of a circular column of diameter D is taken as

a) 0.5 D

b) 0.68 D

c) 0.88 D

d) D


Q2. In case of timber structures, the simple bending formula M = fz may be applied for

a) Rectangular beams up to 300 mm depth

b) All rectangular beams

c) Solid circular beams only

d) All square cross-section beams


Q3. The mechanism method and the statically method give

a) Lower and upper bounds respectively on the strength of structure

b) Upper and lower bounds respectively on the strength of structure

c) Lower bound on the strength of structure

d) Upper bound on the strength of structure


Q4. Shape factor is a property which depends

a) Only on the ultimate stress of the material

b) Only on the yield stress of the material

c) Only on the geometry of the section

d) Both on the yield stress and ultimate stress of material


Q5. The mechanism method of plastic analysis satisfies

a) Equilibrium and mechanism conditions

b) Equilibrium and plastic moment conditions

c) Mechanism and plastic moment conditions

d) Equilibrium condition only


Q6. The ratio of plastic section modulus to elastic section modulus

a) Is equal to 1

b) Is always less than 1

c) Is always greater than 1

d) Can be less than 1


Q7. Which of the following conditions is to be satisfied both in elastic and plastic analysis ?

a) Equilibrium condition

b) Yield condition

c) Plastic moment condition

d) Mechanism condition


Q8. As per IS:800, in the plastic design, which of the following pairs are correctly matched? Working Loads Load factor

(i) Dead load 1.7

(ii) Dead Load + imposed load 1.7

(iii) Dead load + load due to wind or 1.3 seismic forces

(iv) Dead load + imposed load + load 1.7 due to wind or seismic forces

Of these statements

a) (i) and (ii) are correct

b) (i), (ii) and (iii) are correct

c) (ii) and (iii) are correct

d) Only (i) is correct


Q9. In case of plastic design, the calculated maximum shear capacity of a beam as per IS:800 shall be

a) 0.55 Awfy

b) 0.65 Awfy

c) 0.75 Awfy

d) 0.85 Awfy

Where, Aw = effective cross-sectional area resisting shear fy = yield stress of the steel


Q10. The moment of inertia of the pair of vertical stiffeners about the center line of the web should not be less than.

a) 1.5dv/C

b) 1.5d¥/C

c) 1.5d¥/C2

d) 1.5dy/C3

Where, ‘t’ is the minimum required thick-ness of the web and ‘C is the maximum permitted clear distance between vertical stiffener for thickness ‘t’.


Q11. For a compression member with double angle section, which of the following section will give larger value of minimum radius of gyration?

a) Equal angles back to back

b) Unequal legged angles with long legs back to back

c) Unequal legged angles with short legs back to back

d) Both (b) or (c)


Q12. Lug angles

a) Are used to reduce the length of connection.

b) Are unequal angles.

c) Increases shear lag.

d) All the above


Q13. A steel beam supporting loads from the floor slab as well as from wall is termed as

a) Stringer beam

b) Lintel beam

c) Spandrel beam

d) Header beam


Q14. In moment resistant connections, the moment resistance of riveted connection depends upon

a) Shear in rivets

b) Compression in rivets

c) Tension in rivets

d) Strength of rivets in bearing


Q15. If there are m unknown member forces, r unknown reaction components and j number of joints, then the degree of static indeterminacy of a pin-jointed plane frame is given by

a) m + r + 2j

b) m – r + 2j

c) m + r – 2j

d) m + r – 3j


Q16. The principle of virtual work can be applied to elastic system by considering the virtual work of

a) internal forces only

b) external forces only

c) internal as well as external forces

d) none of the above


Q17. The number of independent equations to be satisfied for static equilibrium in a space structure is

a) 2

b) 3

c) 4

d) 6


Q18. If in a pin-jointed plane frame (m + r) > 2j, then the frame is

a) stable and statically determinate

b) stable and statically indeterminate

c) unstable

d) none of the above

Where m is number of members, r is reaction components and j is Number of joints


Q19. In moment distribution method, the sum of distribution factors of all the members meeting at any joint is always

a) zero

b) less than 1

c) 1

d) greater than 1


Q20. The degree of static indeterminacy up to which column analogy method can be used is

a) 2

b) 3

c) 4

d) unrestricted


Part 6: Objective questions and answers of Design of Steel Structures


Q1. Answer c


Q2. Answer a


Q3. Answer b


Q4. Answer c


Q5. Answer a


Q6. Answer c


Q7. Answer a


Q8. Answer a


Q9. Answer a


Q10. Answer c


Q11. Answer b


Q12. Answer a


Q13. Answer c


Q14. Answer c


Q15. Answer c


Q16. Answer c


Q17. Answer d


Q18. Answer b


Q19. Answer c


Q20. Answer b