Quantity Surveying Contracts and Tenders 3

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Subject: Quantity Surveying Contracts and Tenders 3

Part 3: List for questions and answers of Quantity Surveying, Contracts and Tenders

Q1. The gap between web plates and flange plates for fillet welds should not be more than?
a) 0.5 mm
b) 0.75 mm
c) 1.0 mm
d) 1.5 mm

Q2. A continuous beam shall be deemed to be a deep beam if the ratio of its effective span to overall depth, is?
a) 2.0
b) 2.5
c) Less than 2
d) Less than 2.5

Q3. Moist curing of the exposed surfaces of concrete is done at least for?
a) 3 days
b) 5 days
c) 7 days
d) 14 days

Q4. The test strength of the sample is taken as the average of the strength of?
a) 2 specimens
b) 3 specimens
c) 4 specimens
d) 5 specimens

Q5. The grade of concrete generally not used in the reinforced concrete, is?
a) M 10
b) M 15
c) M 20
d) M 40

Q6. For concreting of heavily reinforced sections without vibration, the workability of concrete should be?
a) Very low
b) Low
c) Medium
d) High

Q7. Columns are designed for a minimum eccentricity equal to 1/30 (unsupported length ofthe column), subject to a minimum of?
a) 5 mm
b) 10 mm
c) 15 mm
d) 20 mm

Q8. Generally acceptable nominal size of aggregates for reinforced concrete, is?
a) 10 mm
b) 15 mm
c) 20 mm
d) 25 mm

Q9. For spans upto 10 m, the safe span to depth ratio for?
a) Cantilever is 7
b) Simply supported beams is 20
c) Continuous beams is 26
d) All the above

Q10. The angle of inclination of the lacing bars with axis of the member is kept between?
a) 20° and 50°
b) 30° and 60°
c) 40° and 70°
d) 50° and 80°

Q11. For concreting of shallow sections with vibration, the work ability of concrete should be?
a) Very low
b) Low
c) Medium
d) High

Q12. The slenderness effect of a wall is considered if the effective height of the wall exceeds the thickness?
a) 8 times
b) 10 times
c) 12 times
d) 16 times

Q13. As per IS: 800-1982, the coefficient of expansion for steel per degree centigrade per unit length, is?
a) 0.000011
b) 0.000012
c) 0.000013
d) 0.000014

Q14. The flat slab is a reinforced concrete slab with or without drops and is supported?
a) On columns without column head
b) On columns with column head
c) On beams
d) None of these

Q15. M 30 grade concrete means, its compressive strength of 15-cm cube, is 30 N/mm^2 after?
a) 3 days
b) 7 days
c) 21 days
d) 28 days

Q16. The individual part of the structures is subjected to a load test for 24 hours by applying a load equal to full dead load of the structure plus?
a) Imposed load
b) 1.15 times imposed load
c) 1.25 times imposed load
d) 1.3 times imposed load

Q17. The width of lacing bars in mm is kept?
a) Equal to nominal rivet diameter
b) Twice the nominal rivet diameter
c) Thrice the nominal rivet diameter
d) Maximum of the above rounded to nearest 5 mm

Q18. The greater clear dimension of web of thicknesses’ should not exceed?
a) 180 t
b) 200 t
c) 240 t
d) 270 t

Q19. Minimum thickness of steel work directly exposed to weather but not accessible for cleaning and repainting, the thickness should be not less than?
a) 4 mm
b) 6 mm
c) 7 mm
d) 8 mm

Q20. The side face reinforcement is provided if the depth of the web of a beam exceeds?
a) 600 mm
b) 650 mm
c) 700 mm
d) 800 mm

Part 3: List for questions and answers of Quantity Surveying, Contracts and Tenders

Q1. Answer: d

Q2. Answer: b

Q3. Answer: c

Q4. Answer: b

Q5. Answer: a

Q6. Answer: d

Q7. Answer: d

Q8. Answer: c

Q9. Answer: d

Q10. Answer: c

Q11. Answer: a

Q12. Answer: c

Q13. Answer: b

Q14. Answer: c

Q15. Answer: d

Q16. Answer: c

Q17. Answer: d

Q18. Answer: d

Q19. Answer: d

Q20. Answer: d