Structural design 9

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Subject: Structural design 9

Part 3: List for questions and answers of Structural design II

Q1. The maximum ratio of span to depth of a cantilever slab, is?
a) 8
b) 10
c) 12
d) 14

Q2. In a singly reinforced beam, the effective depth is measured from its compression edge to?
a) Tensile edge
b) Tensile reinforcement
c) Neutral axis of the beam
d) Longitudinal central axis

Q3. If the diameter of longitudinal bars of a square column is 16 mm, the diameter of lateral ties should not be less than?
a) 4 mm
b) 5 mm
c) 6 mm
d) 10 mm

Q4. The length of the straight portion of a bar beyond the end of the hook, should be at least?
a) Twice the diameter
b) Thrice the diameter
c) Four times the diameter
d) Seven times the diameter

Q5. The maximum diameter of a bar used in a ribbed slab, is?
a) 12 mm
b) 6 mm
c) 20 mm
d) 24 mm

Q6. Design of R.C.C. cantilever beams, is based on the resultant force at?
a) Fixed end
b) Free end
c) Mid span
d) Mid span and fixed support

Q7. Piles are usually driven by?
a) Diesel operated hammer
b) Drop hammer
c) Single acting steam hammer
d) All the above

Q8. The anchorage value of a hook is assumed sixteen times the diameter of the bar if the angle of the bend, is?
a) 30°
b) 40°
c) 45°
d) All the above

Q9. The thickness of the flange of a Tee beam of a ribbed slab is assumed as?
a) Width of the rib
b) Depth of the rib
c) Thickness of the concrete topping 0d) half the thickness of the rib
d) Twice the width of the rib

Q10. In a singly reinforced beam, if the permissible stress in concrete reaches earlier than that in steel, the beam section is called?
a) Under-reinforced section
b) Over reinforced section
c) Economic section
d) Critical section

Q11. A pre-stressed concrete member?
a) Is made of concrete
b) Is made of reinforced concrete
c) Is stressed after casting
d) Possesses internal stresses

Q12. A part of the slab may be considered as the flange of the T-beam if?
a) Flange has adequate reinforcement transverse to beam
b) It is built integrally with the beam
c) It is effectively bonded together with the beam
d) All the above

Q13. An R.C.C. roof slab is designed as a two way slab if?
a) It supports live loads in both directions
b) The ratio of spans in two directions is less than 2
c) The slab is continuous over two supports
d) The slab is discontinuous at edges

Q14. A raft foundation is provided if its area exceeds the plan area of the building by?
a) 10%
b) 20%
c) 30%
d) 50%

Q15. If H is the overall height of a retaining wall retaining a surcharge, the width of the base slab usually provided, is?
a) 0.3 H
b) 0.4 H
c) 0.5 H
d) 0.7 H

Q16. If depth of slab is 10 cm, width of web 30 cm, depth of web 50 cm, centre to centre distance of beams 3 m, effective span of beams 6 m, the effective flange width of the beam, is?
a) 200 cm
b) 300 cm
c) 150 cm
d) 100 cm

Q17. In a combined footing if shear stress does not exceed 5 kg/cm^2, the nominal stirrups provided are?
a) 6 legged
b) 8 legged
c) 10 legged
d) None of these

Q18. A flat slab is supported?
a) On beams
b) On columns
c) On beams and columns
d) On columns monolithically built with slab

Q19. If diameter of a reinforcement bar is d, the anchorge value of the hook is?
a) 4d
b) 8d
c) 12d
d) 16d

Q20. Minimum spacing between horizontal parallel reinforcement of different sizes, should not be less than?
a) One diameter of thinner bar
b) One diameter of thicker bar
c) Twice the diameter of thinner bar
d) None of these

Part 3: List for questions and answers of Structural design II

Q1. Answer: c

Q2. Answer: b

Q3. Answer: b

Q4. Answer: d

Q5. Answer: d

Q6. Answer: a

Q7. Answer: d

Q8. Answer: d

Q9. Answer: c

Q10. Answer: b

Q11. Answer: d

Q12. Answer: d

Q13. Answer: b

Q14. Answer: d

Q15. Answer: d

Q16. Answer: c

Q17. Answer: b

Q18. Answer: d

Q19. Answer: d

Q20. Answer: b