Analog and Digital Electronics 3

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Electrical Engineering MCQ Question Papers: Campus Placement

Subject: Analog and Digital Electronics 3

Part 3: List for questions and answers of Analog & Digital Electronics


Q1.Commutative property w.r.t addition is

a) x+y=y+x

b) x-y=y-x

c) x*y=y*x

d) (x+y)z=(z+y)x


Q2.NOR is a complement of

a) AND

b) OR

c) NOT

d) XOR


Q3.Inverter circuit inverts logic sense of

a) Division

b) Addition

c) Boolean variable

d) subtraction


Q4.X+x’ is equal to

a) 1

b) 0

c) x

d) x’


Q5.One that shows distributive law of addition over multiplication

a) x+(y.z)=(x.y)+(x.z)

b) x+(y.z)=(x+y).(x+z)

c) x+(y.z)=(x.y).(x+z)

d) x.(y+z)=(x+y).(x+z)


Q6.In equation a*b=c, * is the

a) Binary operator

b) Logical operator

c) Geometric operators

d) Linear operators 


Q7.Complement of function F is

a) 1

b) F’

c) F

d) 0


Q8.Binary operator + defines

a) Multiplication

b) Division

c) Addition

d) Subtraction


Q9.Demorgan law over addition is

a) (x.y)’=x’y’

b) (x+y)’=x+’y’

c) (x+y)’=x’y’

d) (x+y)’=x’


Q10.(x’)’ is

a) Complement

b) Dual complement

c) Duality

d) Reflection


Q11.Code conversion circuits mostly uses

a) AND-OR gates

b) AND gates

c) OR gates

d) XOR gates


Q12.3 bits full adder contains

a) 3 combinational inputs

b) 4 combinational inputs

c) 6 combinational inputs

d) 8 combinational inputs 


Q13.Nor function is dual of

a) AND function

b) OR function

c) XOR function

d) NAND function


Q14.Design procedure of combinational circuit involves

a) 4 steps

b) 5 steps

c) 6 steps

d) 8 steps


Q15.Simplified expression of half adder carry is

a) c=xy+x

b) c=y+x

c) c=xy+y

d) c=xy


Q16.Subtraction of two binary numbers is done by taking complementing

a) Output

b) Subtract or

c) Subtrahend

d) Remainder


Q17.Circuits that employs memory elements in addition to gates is called

a) Combinational circuit

b) Sequential circuit

c) Combinational sequence

d) Series


Q18.When both inputs are 1 output of xor is

a) 1

b) 0

c) x

d) 10


Q19.Simplified expression of full adder carry is

a) c=xy+xz+yz

b) c=xy+xz

c) c=xy+yz

d) c=x+y+z 


Q20.Practical design procedure have some

a) Gates

b) Circuits

c) Constraints

d) Protocols 


Part 3: List for questions and answers of Analog & Digital Electronics


Q1. Answer:a


Q2. Answer:b


Q3. Answer:c


Q4. Answer:a


Q5. Answer:b


Q6. Answer:a


Q7. Answer:b


Q8. Answer:d


Q9. Answer:


Q10. Answer:b


Q11. Answer:a


Q12. Answer:d


Q13. Answer:d


Q14. Answer:c


Q15. Answer:d


Q16. Answer:c


Q17. Answer:c


Q18. Answer:b


Q19. Answer:a


Q20. Answer: c