Material Science 11

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Subject: Material Science 11

Part 5: List for questions and answers of Material Science


Q1. A constant voltage source has

a) low internal resistance

b) high internal resistance

c) minimum efficiency

d) minimum current capacity


Q2. Which among these is not the component of over head transmission lines?

a) Conductors

b) Cross arms

c) Danger plates

d) Transformers


Q3. Which among these properties is not suited for the conductor material?

a) High electrical conductivity

b) High specific gravity

c) Lower cost

d) High tensile strength


Q4. What is the empirical formula to calculate the number of strands?

a) 3n (n+2n) + 2

b) 3n (n+1) + 2

c) 3n (n+1) + 1

d) 3n (3+ 3n) + 1


Q5. The most ideal material for the over head conductor is copper. What are the advantages of this?

a) Smaller cross sectional area

b) Area offered by the wind loads is reduced

c) The price of copper is less

d) Both (a) and (b)


Q6. Which among the following properties has got a higher value for aluminium in comparison to that of copper?

a) Electrical resistivity

b) Melting point

c) Thermal conductivity

d) Specific gravity 


Q7. Why are galvanised steel conductors not suitable for transmitting large power over long distance?

a) Poor conductivity

b) High resistance of steel

c) More power loss

d) Both (a) and (b)


Q8. Why are the conductors used for higher voltage transmission stranded?

a) Ease of handling

b) Cheaper cost

c) Reduced resistivity

d) Increase in tensile strength


Q9. Which material is used for the manufacture of ground wire?

a) Aluminium

b) Galvanised steel

c) Cast iron

d) Stainless steel


Q10. When steel is reinforced what happens to the composite conductor?

a) 35 % more compared with equivalent weight of copper

b) 25 % more compared with equivalent weight of copper

c) 25 % less compared with equivalent weight of copper

d) 35 % less compared with equivalent weight of copper


Q11. Why is A.C.S.R conductor used as the replacement or substitute for copper?

a) Higher current carrying capacity

b) Economy

c) Being less weight

d) Higher tensile strength


Q12. What is the function of steel wire in A.C.S.R conductors?

a) Compensate for skin effect

b) Takes care of surges

c) Reduced capacitance and inductance

d) Provide additional mechanical strength 


Q13. Why grease is put between steel and aluminium conductors?

a) To reduce the corrosion by electrolytic action

b) To reduce friction between the strand

c) To eliminate the air gaps

d) To reduce the leakage of current


Q14. What is the general ratio of the cross sectional area of the two metals used in the A.C.S.R conductors?

a) 1:8

b) 1:4

c) 4:3

d) 2:1


Q15. For high voltage transmission lines, why are conductors suspended from towers?

a) Increase the clearance from ground

b) Reduce clearance from ground

c) Take care of increase in length

d) Reduce the environmental effects


Q16. In India, which types of poles are commonly used for distribution?

a) Wooden poles

b) RCC poles

c) Steel poles

d) Both (b) and (c)


Q17. Which among these are the properties for the line supports?

a) Higher mechanical strength

b) Light in weight

c) Easy accessibility of conductors for maintenance

d) All of these


Q18. What is the maximum permissible limit of voltage for the line supports?

a) 30 kV

b) 20 kV

c) 11 kV

d) 44 kV 


Q19. To prevent rotting oil the wooden poles which oil is impregnated to it?

a) Kerosene oil

b) Mineral oil

c) Creosote oil

d) All the above


Q20. Steel poles are painted so as to prevent it from

a) Corrosion

b) Borer

c) Termites

d) All of these 


Part 5: List for questions and answers of Material Science


Q1. Answer :a


Q2. Answer :d


Q3. Answer :b


Q4. Answer :c


Q5. Answer :d


Q6. Answer :a


Q7. Answer :d


Q8. Answer :a


Q9. Answer :b


Q10. Answer :c


Q11. Answer :b


Q12. Answer :d


Q13. Answer :a


Q14. Answer :b


Q15. Answer :a


Q16. Answer :d


Q17. Answer :


Q18. Answer :b


Q19. Answer :c


Q20. Answer :a