Material Science 12

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Subject: Material Science 12

Part 6: List for questions and answers of Material Science


Q1.Which among these is not a type of steel poles?

a) Rail poles

b) Tubular poles

c) Rolled steel joints

d) None of these


Q2.1 nanometre= _______ cm

a) 10^(-9)

b) 10^(-8)

c) 10^(-7)

d) 10^(-6)


Q3.The size of E.coli bacteria is ______ nm

a) 75000

b) 2000

c) 200

d) 5


Q4.The diameter of human hair is _______ m

a) 75000

b) 75

c) 7.5 x 10^(-5)

d) 7.5 x 10^(-9)


Q5.The most important property of nanomaterials is

a) force

b) friction

c) pressure

d) temperature


Q6.The diameter of a bucky ball is about ______

a) 1 Ao

b) 100 Ao

c) 1 nm

d) 10 nm 


Q7.A bucky ball is a molecule consisting of ___ carbon atoms

a) 50

b) 60

c) 75

d) 100


Q8.The cut-off limit of human eye to see is _____ nm

a) 10

b) 100

c) 1000

d) 10000


Q9. meter = ______ nm

a) 10^9

b) 10(-9)

c) 1010

d) 10(-10)


Q10.The diameter of a bucky ball is about _____

a) 1 Ao

b) 10 Ao

c) 100 Ao

d) 1000 Ao


Q11.Sulphation in a lead acid battery occurs due to

a) heavy charging

b) fast charging

c) trickle charging

d) incomplete charging


Q12.The capacity of a cell is measured in

a) amperes

b) ampere-hour

c) watts

d) watt-hours


Q13.The storage battery generally used in electric power station is

a) nickel-cadmium battery

b) zinc-carbon battery

c) lead-acid battery

d) none of above 


Q14.Cells are connected in series in order to

a) increase the voltage rating

b) increase the current rating

c) increase the life of cells

d) none of above


Q15.Common impurity in battery electrolyte is

a) sodium chloride

b) iron

c) lead sulfate

d) dust


Q16.The indication of the state of charge of a battery is best given by

a) specific gravity of electrolyte

b) temperature of electrolyte

c) colour of electrolyte

d) level of electrolyte


Q17.One ampere hour charge is equivalent to

a) 36 coulombs

b) 360 coulombs

c) 3600 coulombs

d) 36000 coulombs


Q18.The internal resistance of a dry cell is of the order of

a) 0.2 to 0.4 Ohm

b) 1 to 1.5 Ohm

c) 2 to 5 Ohm

d) 1 to 15 Ohm


Q19.When water is added to sulphuric acid

a) colour of acid changes

b) lot of heat is generated

c) water start boiling

d) acid particles get separated


Q20.QWhich battery is used in aeroplanes?

a) Dry cell battery

b) Lead acid battery

c) Edission cell

d) None of them 


Part 6: List for questions and answers of Material Science


Q1. Answer :d


Q2. Answer :c


Q3. Answer :b


Q4. Answer :c


Q5. Answer :b


Q6. Answer :c


Q7. Answer :c


Q8. Answer :d


Q9. Answer :d


Q9. Answer :a


Q11. Answer :d


Q12. Answer :b


Q13. Answer :c


Q14. Answer :a


Q15. Answer :b


Q16. Answer :a


Q17. Answer :a


Q18. Answer :a


Q19. Answer :b


Q20. Answer :d