Material Science 8

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Subject: Material Science 8

Part 2: List for questions and answers of Material Science


Q1.What is meant by specific surface?

a) surface area per unit volume

b) surface area per unit weight

c) surface weight per unit area

d) none of the above


Q2.Which type of microscope is used to determine particle diameter between (10 to 0.001u)?

a) Optical microscope

b) Electron microscope

c) Both a. and b

d) None of the above


Q3.What are the metal requirements to have creep resistance property?

a) Low melting point

b) High oxidation resistance

c) Both a. and b

d) None of the above


Q4.What does primary creep in creep curve indicate?

a) Due to down deformation, resistance of metal increases

b) Due to down deformation, resistance of metal decreases

c) It represents high strain rate

d) It represents creep at constant rate


Q5.What is the source of heat generation in cables?

a) Copper loss in conductor

b) Dielectric losses in cable insulation

c) Losses in metallic sheathings and armouring

d) All of these


Q6.Ceramics having nuclear applications can be used as

a) moderators

b) controls

c) Both a. and b

d) None of the above 


Q7.Which process is used to remove internal stresses from a metal?

a) Annealing

b) Cold working

c) Both a. and b

d) None of the above


Q8.What causes transformation of deformed martensite into austenite phase?

a) Heating

b) Cooling

c) both a. and b

d) all of the above


Q9.What is the effect of high temperatures on material properties?

a) loss of cohesive strength

b) increase in stiffness

c) increase in hardness

d) All of the above


Q10.What is meant by Nil Ductility Transition Temperature (NDT)?

a) Metal gets transformed from brittle to ductile phase

b) Metal gets transformed from ductile to brittle phase

c) Metal gets transformed from malleable to ductile phase

d) Metal gets transformed from elastic to ductile phase


Q11.Biosensors are used in

a) medical field

b) agricultural field

c) pollution monitoring

d) all of the above


Q12.Different conditions favoring electro deposition are

a) low current density

b) high temperature

c) high viscosity

d) All of these


Q13.In physico – chemical processes, which factors affect reduction method?

a) Size of particles

b) Shape of materials

c) Reducing agent

d) All of the above 


Q14.At critical speed of rotation, ball mill rotates at

a) high speed

b) low speed

c) neither slow nor very high speed

d) none of the above


Q15.Which test can be performed without skilled labour?

a) Dye penetrant testing

b) Visual testing

c) Ultrasonic testing

d) Magnetic particle test


Q16.Eddy current test is used to detect

a) cracks

b) hardness

c) conductivity

d) All of the above


Q17.Which test is used to determine dimensions of any object?

a) Ultrasonic test

b) Torsion test

c) Eddy current test

d) All of these tests can be used to determine dimensions of any object


Q18.During radiography test, which region absorbs less radiation and transmits more?

a) Low and high density regions absorb and transmit same amount of radiation

b) High density region

c) Low density region

d) None of the above


Q19.Erichsen cupping test is known as

a) creep test

b) torsion test

c) fatigue test

d) formability test


Q20.What is meant by atomization?

a) Process of disintegrating molten metal into small particles by use of compressed air

b) Process of fusing small particles of metals into molten mass by water

c) None of the above

d) both a and b 


Part 2: List for questions and answers of Material Science


Q1. Answer :b


Q2. Answer :b


Q3. Answer :


Q4. Answer :a


Q5. Answer :d


Q6. Answer :c


Q7. Answer :a


Q8. Answer :a


Q9. Answer :a


Q10. Answer :b


Q11. Answer :d


Q12. Answer :c


Q13. Answer :d


Q14. Answer :c


Q15. Answer :a


Q16. Answer :d


Q17. Answer :c


Q18. Answer :c


Q19. Answer :d


Q20. Answer :a