Power generation Techniques 4

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Subject: Power generation Techniques 4

Part 4: List for questions and answers of Power Generation Techniques


Q1. The gas turbine power plant mainly uses which among the following fuels?

a) Coal and Peat

b) Kerosene oil an diesel oil and residual oil

c) Gas oil

d) Natural gas and liquid petroleum fuel


Q2. The heating value of gaseous fuels is about

a) 500 kJ/litre

b) 30 kJ/litre

c) 100 kJ/litre

d) 10 kJ/litre


Q3. The compressor has to be started

a) Before starting the gas turbine

b) After starting the gas turbine

c) Simultaneously with starting of gas turbine

d) At any time during the operation


Q4. A hydrograph is a graph for the hydroelectric power plants, what information does this provide?

a) The discharge at any time during the period of consideration

b) Total volume of flow upto any time given by the area under the curve upto that time

c) The mean run off during the period

d) All of these


Q5 .The area under the flow duration curve represents

a) The total units of energy available

b) The total quality of run off during that period

c) Total power available

d) Total storage of the plant


Q6. The location of surge tank is close to __________

a) Tailrace

b) Dam

c) Turbine gate

d) Spillway 


Q7. The limit of water head for the Francis turbines is_____

a) 200 m – 500 m

b) 30 m – 200 m

c) Less than 30 m

d) More than 500 m


Q8. The specific speed of a water turbine is______

a) Maximum speed i.e ((120*f)/P)

b) Minimum metric H.P

c) Unit H.P at all heads

d) Unit H.P under a unit head


Q9. The maximum limited head for a Kaplan turbine is_____.

a) 30 m

b) 50 m

c) 100 m

d) 75 m


Q10. The bulb turbines are mainly______

a) High speed turbines

b) High head and axial flow turbines

c) Low head and axial flow turbines

d) High pressure turbine


Q11. Water hammer occurs in ________

a) Spillway

b) Penstock

c) Turbine casing

d) Surge tank


Q12. The pumped storage power plant in India ___

a) Does not exist

b) Bhakra Nangal (Punjab, Himachal Pradesh)

c) Kadamparai (Tamilnadu)

d) Koyna (Maharashtra)


Q13. The hydroelectric power plants are______

a) Operating cost is high and initial cost is high

b) Operating cost is low and initial cost is high

c) Operating cost is low and initial cost is low

d) Operating cost is high and initial cost is low 


Q14. Turn around efficiency of pump hydro-schemes seldom exceeds

a) 10%

b) 15%

c) 25%

d) 65%


Q15. Batteries used for electrical energy storage are

a) Laclanche cells

b) Edison cells

c) Lead acid cells

d) Any of the above


Q16. Turn around efficiency of battery energy storage system is around

a) 75 percent

b) 50 percent

c) 25 percent

d) 10 percent


Q17. Sodium sulphur batteries use electrolyte consisting of

a) solid aluminium oxide

b) dilute sulphuric acid

c) brine

d) KOH


Q18. Certain metals become super-conducting when cooled below

a) melting point

b) transition temperature

c) 0 K

d) 0 degree C


Q19. Which power plant is free from environmental pollution problems?

a) Thermal power plant

b) Nuclear power plant

c) Hydro-power plant

d) Geothermal energy power plant


Q20. Chemical representation for heavy water is

a) H20

b) H2O2

c) H30

d) D3O 


Part 4: List for questions and answers of Power Generation Techniques


Q1. Answers :d


Q2. Answers :b


Q3. Answers :a


Q4. Answers :d


Q5. Answers :b


Q6. Answers :c


Q7. Answers :b


Q8. Answers :d


Q9. Answers :a


Q10. Answers :c


Q11. Answers :b


Q12. Answers :c


Q13. Answers :b


Q14. Answers :d


Q15. Answers :c


Q16. Answers :a


Q17. Answers :a


Q18. Answers :b


Q19. Answers :c


Q20. Answers :d