Power System Operations and Control 6

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Subject: Power System Operations and Control 6

Part 6: List for questions and answers of Power System Operations and Control


Q1. In a 400 kV power network, 360 kV is recorded at 400 kV bus. The reactive power absorbed by a shunt reactor for 50 MVAr, 400 kV connected at the bus is

a) Q40.5 MVAr

b) 45.0 MVAr

c) 55.56 MVAr

d) 61.73 MVAr


Q2. Out of the following plant categories which is not the base load power plant?

a) Nuclear

b) Run of river

c) Pump storage

d) Diesel


Q3. A generating station has a maximum demand of 50 MW a load factor of 60 %, a plant capacity factor of 45 % and if the plant while running as per schedule were fully loaded. The daily energy produced will be

a) 720 MW

b) 740 MW

c) 730 MW

d) 710 MW


Q4. The load duration curve for a system is 8 hours 30 MW, 16 hours 25 MW and 24 hours 20 MW. The load factor will be

a) 1.3

b) 0.83

c) 0.25

d) 0.44


Q5. Pelton wheel turbine is a

a) high head turbine

b) medium head turbine

c) low head turbine

d) none of above


Q6. Which of following is a medium and low head turbines

a) Pelton and Kaplan turbines

b) Kaplan and Francis turbines

c) Francis and Kaplan turbines

d) None of above 


Q7. Which of the following is an impulse turbine

a) Pelton turbine

b) Francis turbine

c) Kaplan turbine

d) None of above


Q8. Which of the following is a reaction turbines

a) Pelton turbine and Francis turbine

b) Francis turbine and Kaplan turbine

c) Kaplan and Pelton turbine

d) None of these


Q9. Alternate formation and breakage of bubbles are called

a) water hamming

b) cavitations

c) surgfication

d) all of the above


Q10. Water hamming process in pen-stocks results in

a) noise increases

b) pressure increases

c) noise increases, pressure increases, velocity decreases

d) none of the above


Q11. For harnessing low variable water heads, the suitable hydraulic turbine with high percentage of reaction and runner adjust vanes is

a) Francis

b) Pelton

c) Kaplan

d) Impeller


Q12. A hydraulic turbine having rated speed of 250 rpm is connected to a synchronous generator. In order to produce power at 50 Hz, the numbers of pole are required in the generator

a) 24

b) 16

c) 12

d) 6 


Q13. For large plants of capacity for more than 15 MW, what type of cooling is used

a) Hydrogen

b) Water

c) Liquid

d) Air


Q14. How much KWh energy is produced by fission of 1 gm of uranium U235

a) 24 kWh

b) 240 kWh

c) 2400 kWh

d) 24000 kWh


Q15.iAmong the following which is not non conventional energy

a) Wind

b) Nuclear

c) Tidal

d) Geothermal


Q16. The 1st nuclear plant in world was commissioned in

a) U.S.S.R

b) U.S.A

c) UAE

d) U.K


Q17. India 1st nuclear plant was set up at

a) Kalpakkam

b) Ranapratapsagar

c) Tarapur

d) Bhaba


Q18. Nuclear fission means

a) breaking up of nuclear of heavy atoms into nearly equal parts

b) combination of two light nuclei

c) moderator

d) graphite


Q19. Solar thermal power generation can be achieved by

a) using focusing collector or heliostates

b) using a solar pond

c) using flat plate collector

d) Qany of the above 


Q20. The function of moderator in a nuclear reactor is to

a) stop chain reaction

b) absorb neutrons

c) reduce the speed of neutrons

d) educe temperature 


Part 6: List for questions and answers of Power System Operations and Control


Q1. Answer: a


Q2. Answer: c


Q3. Answer: a


Q4. Answer: b


Q5. Answer: a


Q6. Answer: c


Q7. Answer: a


Q8. Answer: b


Q9.Answer: b


Q10. Answer: c


Q11. Answer: c


Q12. Answer: a


Q13. Answer: a


Q14. Answer: d


Q15. Answer: a


Q16. Answer: c


Q17. Answer: a


Q18. Answer: a


Q19. Answer: d


Q20. Answer: c 


Q15. Answer: b


Q16. Answer: a


Q17. Answer: d


Q18. Answer: b


Q19. Answer: a


Q20. Answer: c