Conductors and Insulation 1

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Questions Electrician and Wireman: Conductors and Insulation 1

Subject: Conductors and Insulation 1

Part 1: Objective questions and answers of Conductors and Insulation


Q1. A conductor should have……..

a) low specific resistance

b) medium specific resistance

c) high specific resistance

d) any specific resistance


Q2. Which one of the following conductors is used in heating elements?

a) Tungsten

b) Carbon

c) Copper

d) Nichrome


Q3. When compared to copper, the aluminium has ………. of conductivity.

a) 60%

b) 60.2%

c) 60.4%

d) 60.6%


Q4. Which one is NOT an electrical conducting material?

a) Copper

b) Aluminium

c) Silver

d) Glass


Q5. The material that contains free electron is……..

a) Silver

b) PVC

c) Mica

d) Rubber


Q6. Field coils are wound by using………

a) Wrought iron wire

b) Steel wire

c) Bare copper wire

d) Enameled copper wire


Q7. Which one of the following is a good conductor?

a) China clay

b) Porcelain

c) Graphite

d) Glass


Q8. The SWG No. 36 is equal to……..

a) 0.0084 inch or 0.21 mm dia

b) 0.0092 inch or 0.23 mm dia

c) 0.0100 inch or 0.25 mm dia

d) 0.0076 inch or 0.19 mm dia


Q9. What is the voltage grade of heavy duty PVC sheathed power cable?

a) 440 V / 11000 V

b) 650 V / 1100 V

c) 1100 V / 11000 V

d) 11000 V / 132000 V


Q10. What is the advantage of standard conductors over solid conductors?

a) more flexible

b) more area of cross section

c) more resistance

d) more weight


Q11. The good conductor of heat and electricity is………

a) stainless steel wire

b) iron wire

c) copper wire

d) brass wire


Q12. Normally metals are good conductor of electricity. Which is the good conductor in terms of conductivity?

a) Copper

b) Aluminium

c) Silver

d) Brass


Q13. 7/1.40 is the specification of the one stranded conductor. What does the denominator indicate in the above specification?

a) Diameter of the conductor in mm

b) Radius of the conductor in mm

c) Area of the conductor in square mm

d) Diameter of the conductor in inch


Q14. Which one of the following materials is the insulating material?

a) Water

b) Carbon

c) Mica

d) Copper


Q15. Which one of the following is NOT an insulator?

a) Zinc

b) Glass

c) Rubber

d) Plastic


Q16. What is the insulating material used for heater base?

a) Asbestos

b) Mica

c) Porcelain

d) Bakelite


Q17. Which insulating material is having high dielectric strength?

a) Porcelain

b) Fibre

c) Mica

d) Glass


Q18. What is the fundamental property of insulating material?

a) Low breakdown voltage

b) High dielectric strength

c) Less flexibility

d) Hygroscopic


Q19. The insulating material used in connecting leads of the electric heater is…….

a) Bakelite material

b) Porcelain material

c) Rubber material

d) Asbestos material


Q20. Which is the high temperature withstanding insulating material?

a) Bakelite

b) Wood

c) Asbestos

d) Mica


Part 1: Objective questions and answers of Conductors and Insulation


Q1. Answer a

Q2. Answer d

Q3. Answer d

Q4. Answer d

Q5. Answer a

Q6. Answer d

Q7. Answer c

Q8. Answer d

Q9. Answer b

Q10. Answer a

Q11. Answer c

Q12. Answer c

Q13. Answer a

Q14. Answer c

Q15. Answer a

Q16. Answer c

Q17. Answer d

Q18. Answer b

Q19. Answer b

Q20. Answer c

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