Electrical Wiring and Installation 1

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Objectives for Electrician and Wireman: Electrical Wiring and Installation 1

Subject: Electrical Wiring and Installation 1

Part 1: Objective questions and answers of Electrical Wiring and Installation


Q1. What is the fusing factor for rewireable fuse?

a) 1.1

b) 1.4

c) 2.1

d) 2.5


Q2. Which type of load is protected by the l-series MCB?

a) Motors

b) Geyser

c) Hand tools

d) Air conditioner


Q3. How many two way switches with intermediate switch are used to control one lamp from three different places?

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 4


Q4. What is the fusing factor for high repturing capacity fuses (HRC)?

a) 1.0

b) 1.1

c) 1.4

d) 1.7


Q5. What is the purpose of the flexible cords in domestic wiring?

a) Concealed wiring

b) Permanent connection

c) Run cable through holes in ceiling

d) Connection transportable appliances


Q6. What is the name of the four insulated conductors group?

a) Pair

b) Core

c) Quad

d) Layer


Q7. Why tree system of wiring most suitable for multistoryed building?

a) Easy load balancing

b) Constant voltage distribution

c) Offers minimum voltage drop

d) Easy in fault finding with many fuses


Q8. Where the iron clad double pole (ICDP) main switch is used?

a) Large industrial installations

b) Control main or branch ci

c) Single phase domestic installations

d) Three phase power circuit installations


Q9. Which is the application of dc series MCB?

a) Ac motor

b) Dc motor

c) Locomotives

d) Air conditioners


Q10. Which place the tree system of wiring is most suitable?

a) Godown wiring

b) Industrial wiring

c) Domestic wiring

d) Multi storied building


Q11. Why separate wiring is recommended for home theatre wiring and power wiring?

a) Avoid electrical fire

b) Reduce power loss

c) Avoid electrical interference

d) Maintain voltage level constant


Q12. What is the expansion of MCB?

a) Minute control breaker

b) Miniature circuit breaker

c) Minimum current breaker

d) Maximum current breaker


Q13. What is the purpose of the fuse cut out provided at the incoming power supply?

a) To ensure the line is not over loaded

b) To maintain the stabilized supply voltage

c) To protect the circuit from the leakage current

d) To protect the human beings from electric shock


Q14. Which classification of accessory the ceiling rose is classified?

a) Outlet accessories

b) Safety accessories

c) Holding accessories

d) General accessories


Q15. Which electrical equipment is provided with l series MCB?

a) General lighting

b) Motors

c) Air conditioner

d) Halogen lamp


Q16. Calculate the earth fault loop impedance, if the ELCB tripping current is 30 ma?

a) 166 ohm

b) 1666 ohm

c) 16.66 ohm

d) 16666 ohm


Q17. Which type of conduit used for gas tight explosive installation?

a) Flexible conduits

b) Rigid steel conduits

c) Rigid non-metallic conduits

d) Flexible non-metallic conduits


Q18. What protection offered by residual current circuit breaker?

a) Protection from shock

b) Protection from over load

c) Protection from short circuit

d) Protection from leakage current


Q19. Where the phase conductor is looped in looping system of wiring?

a) Switch box

b) Junction box

c) Distribution box

d) Socket connection


Q20. What is the reason for home theatre wiring not to run along with power wiring?

a) Avoid leakage current in home theatre wiring

b) Control temperature in home theatre wiring

c) Avoid electrical interference in audio, video system

d) Reduce the power consumption in power supplies


Part 1: Objective questions and answers of Electrical Wiring and Installation


Q1. Answer b


Q2. Answer b


Q3. Answer b


Q4. Answer b


Q5. Answer d


Q6. Answer c


Q7. Answer d


Q8. Answer c


Q9. Answer c


Q10. Answer d


Q11. Answer c


Q12. Answer b


Q13. Answer a


Q14. Answer a


Q15. Answer a


Q16. Answer b


Q17. Answer b


Q18. Answer a


Q19. Answer d


Q20. Answer c

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