Electrical Workshop 7

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Objective Questions Electrician and Wireman: Electrical Workshop 7

Subject: Electrical Workshop 7

Part 7: Objective questions and answers of Electrical Workshop


Q1. Corona is affected by:

a) Size of conductor

b) Shape and surface condition of the conductor

c) Operating voltage

d) All of the above


Q2. The taper shank drills should be removed from the machine spindle by means of:

a) Hammer

b) Tang of file

c) Punch

d) Drift


Q3. The lip clearance angle of twist drill for general purpose should be

a) 3 to 5 degree

b) 4 to 8 degree

c) 8 to 12 degree

d) 12 to 15 degree


Q4. The taping hole should be

a) Larger than the tap size

b) Smaller than the tap size

c) Equal to the tap size

d) Equal to the core (minor) diameter of the tap


Q5. The shape of the thread in the not go end of a thread snap gauge is

a) Beveled

b) Truncated

c) Taper

d) Sharp


Q6. A rivet is specified by the diameter of its

a) Head

b) Tail

c) Shank

d) None of the above


Q7. Which one of the following rivets is used for general structural work?

a) Pan head rivet

b) Snap head rivet

c) Flat head rivet

d) Countersunk head rivet


Q8. The height of the snap head rivet is standardized to

a) 0.5 x diameter of rivet

b) 0.7 x diameter of rivet

c) 0.9 x diameter of rivet

d) 1.1 x diameter of rivet


Q9. In a riveted joint the plates are placed end-to-end and joined through cover plates. This joint is called

a) Lap joint

b) Butt joint

c) Edge joint

d) Corner joint


Q10. In a riveted joint the minimum distance from a rivet hole centre to the nearest edge of the plate is called

a) Back pitch

b) Allowance

c) Tolerance

d) Margin


Q11. Which one of the following reasons is responsible for shearing of rivet in a riveted joint?

a) Diameter of rivet is too small

b) Diameter of rivet is too large

c) Thickness of plates vary

d) Pitch of the hole is too small


Q12. The space or distance from the edge of the metal to the centre of any rivet should be at least

a) One time of the diameter of the rivet

b) Two times of the diameter of the rivet

c) Three times of the diameter of the rivet

d) Four times of the diameter of the rivet


Q13. Which tool will you use for removing taper shank drill from the socket?

a) The slot

b) The sleeve

c) The tank

d) The drift


Q14. Which tap of a set is sufficient to finish the thread of a through hole?

a) Taper tap

b) Intermediate tap

c) Plug tap

d) Bottoming tap


Q15. The cutting compound is used for:

a) Easy movement of a sliding part of a machine

b) Cooling the machine

c) Cooling the cutting tool only

d) Cooling the job and the cutting tool


Q16. If a drill bit does not cut the metal easily, the reason is that there is:

a) Less or no lip clearance angle

b) More clearance angle

c) No body clearance angle

d) High cutting angle


Q17. Which tool is used to cut external threads on conduit pipe?

a) "T" handle tap wrench

b) Solid tap wrench

c) Die stock

d) Pipe wrench


Q18. The hand drill is used for drilling the holes up to

a) 5 mm diameter

b) 6 mm diameter

c) 6.5 mm diameter

d) 7.5 mm diameter


Q19. In a metric outside micrometer, half rotating of the thimble gives the longitudinal movement of the spindle equal to:

 A) 0.01 mm

 B) 0.25 mm

 C) 0.5 mm

 D) 1.0 mm


Q20. When the taper shank of the drill is larger than the machine spindle, it is fitted by means of:

a) Drill sleeve

b) Drill socket

c) Drill drift

d) Chuck and key


Part 7: Objective questions and answers of Electrical Workshop


Q1. Answer d

Q2. Answer d

Q3. Answer d

Q4. Answer d

Q5. Answer b

Q6. Answer c

Q7. Answer b

Q8. Answer b

Q9. Answer b

Q10. Answer d

Q11. Answer a

Q12. Answer b

Q13. Answer d

Q14. Answer b

Q15. Answer d

Q16. Answer a

Q17. Answer c

Q18. Answer c

Q19. Answer b

Q20. Answer b

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