Computer Organization 2

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Subject: Computer Organization 2

Part 2: List for questions and answers of Computer Organization


Q1. Whenever CPU detects an interrupt, what it do with current state?

a) Save it

b) Discard it

c) Depends system to system

d) First finish it


Q2. I/O processor has direct access to?

a) Main Memory

b) Secondary Memory

c) Flash Memory

d) ROM


Q3. The address mapping is done, when the program is initially loaded is called?

a) Relocation

b) Dynamic relocation

c) Static relocation

d) Executable relocation


Q4. The unit which decodes and translates each instruction and generates the necessary enable signals for ALU and other units is called

a) ALU

b) Control Unit

c) CPU

d) Logical Unit


Q5. A micro program is sequencer perform the operation?

a) Read

b) Write

c) Read and Write

d) Read and Execute


Q6. Which among following is an important data transfer technique?

a) CAD

b) CAM

c) DMA

d) MMA 


Q7. RISC stands for?

a) Risk Instruction Source Computer

b) Reduced Instruction Set Computer

c) Risk Instruction Set Computer

d) Risk Instruction Set Computing


Q8. The performance of the cache memory is measured in terms of?

a) Hit Ratio

b) Chat Ratio

c) Copy Ratio

d) Data Ratio


Q9. A set of physical addresses is also known as?

a) Disk Space

b) Address Space

c) Memory Space

d) Locations


Q10. Which devices among following are usually designed on the complex electromechanical principle?

a) Printing devices

b) Input devices

c) Storage devices

d) Peripheral devices


Q11. ……. read the data by reflecting pulses of laser beams on the surface ?

a) Magnetic disk

b) Optical disk

c) Floppy disk

d) ROM


Q12. If CPU and I/O interface share a common bus than transfer of data between two units is known as ?

a) Asynchronous

b) Clock dependent

c) Synchronous

d) Decoder independent 


Q13. All the operations in a digital system are synchronized by a clock that is generated by ?

a) Clock

b) Clock generator

c) Pulse

d) Pulse generator


Q14. Asynchronous means?

a) Not in step with the elapse of time

b) Not in step with the elapse of address

c) Not in step with the elapse of data

d) Not in step with the elapse of control


Q15. …… a single control line that informs destination unit that a valid is available on the bus?

a) Ping

b) Token

c) Handshake

d) Strobe


Q16. Which technique has one or more control signal for acknowledgement that is used for intimation?

a) Ftp

b) Ping

c) Strobe

d) Handshaking


Q17. A keyboard has which type of asynchronous transfer mode?

a) Serial

b) Parallel

c) Optimal

d) Joint


Q18. Which technique helps processor to run a program concurrently with input output operations?

a) IOP

b) DMA

c) Interrupt driven I/O

d) DCA 


Q19. Which exception is also known software interrupt?

a) Trap

b) Call

c) System Call

d) All of above


Q20. User programs interact with I/O devices through?

a) Operating System

b) Hardware

c) Buses

d) Processor 


Part 2: List for questions and answers of Computer Organization


Q1. Answer: a


Q2. Answer: a


Q3. Answer: c


Q4. Answer: b


Q5. Answer: d


Q6. Answer: c


Q7. Answer: b


Q8. Answer: a


Q9. Answer: c


Q10. Answer: b


Q11. Answer: b


Q12. Answer: c


Q13. Answer: d


Q14. Answer: a


Q15. Answer: d


Q16. Answer: d


Q17. Answer: a


Q18. Answer: c


Q19. Answer: c


Q20. Answer: a