Integrated Circuits 2

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Subject: Integrated Circuits 2

Part 2: List for questions and answers of Integrated Circuits


Q1. Due to over damping, the instrument will become

a) Slow

b) Lethargic

c) Fast

d) Both (a) and (b)


Q2. Due to presence of a capacitor in feedback path, the output of an integrator varies ______

a) Gradually

b) Instantaneously

c) Intermittently

d) All of the above


Q3. In a buffer circuit, the voltage follower is placed _______ two networks in order to minimize the effect of loading on the first network

a) Before

b) Between

c) After

d) None of the above


Q4. As the frequency increases, input impedance of differentiator __________

a) Increases

b) Decreases

c) Remains constant

d) None of the above


Q5. In absence of any applied AC input signal, what would be the gain of an ideal integrator?

a) Zero

b) Unity

c) Infinity

d) Unpredictable


Q6. In an inverting ideal integrator, which component exhibits the feedback path connection?

a) Resistor

b) Inductor

c) Capacitor

d) Diode 


Q7. The noise produced by the differential input stage can be reduced by the selection of __________

a) Proper transistor type

b) Proper geometry

c) Adequate level of operating currents

d) All of the above


Q8. Which among the following is/are responsible for electrical interactions?

a) Parasitic capacitance

b) Mutual inductance

c) Both a and b

d) None of the above


Q9. Which among the following has a constant power spectral density over a wide frequency range?

a) White noise

b) Black noise

c) Pink noise

d) Blue noise


Q10. Popcorn noise is generated by abrupt variations in input bias current especially due to imperfect surface conditions of _______

a) Conductor

b) Insulator

c) Semiconductor

d) None of the above


Q11. Flicker noise is also regarded as _______

a) Popcorn noise

b) 1/f noise

c) Both a and b

d) None of the above


Q12. What is PSRR value of an ideal op-amp?

a) Zero

b) Unity

c) Infinite

d) Unpredictable 


Q13. PSSR is an op-amp parameter which defines the degree of dependence on variations in _______

a) temperature

b) pressure

c) power supply voltage

d) slew rate


Q14. Which among the following is/are included in DC characteristics of op-amp?

a) Input bias current

b) Thermal drift

c) Both a and b

d) None of the above


Q15. Which concept states that if one input terminal of an op-amp is at zero potential, then the other one also will be at zero potential?

a) Virtual short

b) Virtual ground

c) Zero input current

d) None of the above


Q16. CMRR of a differential amplifier can be improved by decreasing ______

a) Differential voltage gain

b) Common mode voltage gain

c) Both a and b

d) None of the above


Q17. In a linear IC voltage regulator, series pass transistor always operates in ______ region

a) Active

b) Saturation

c) Cut-off

d) All of the above


Q18. Switching regulators are series type regulators, which has ______ power dissipation & ______ efficiency

a) increased, increased

b) increased, reduced

c) reduced, increased

d) reduced, reduced 


Q19. The % load regulation of a power supply should be ideally ________ & practically _______

a) zero, small

b) small, zero

c) zero, large

d) large, zero


Q20. Which performance parameter of a regulator is defined as the change in regulated load voltage due to variation in line voltage in a specified range at a constant load current?

a) Load regulation

b) Line regulation

c) Temperature stability factor

d) Ripple rejection 


Part 2: List for questions and answers of Integrated Circuits


Q1. Answer: d


Q2. Answer: a


Q3. Answer: b


Q4. Answer: b


Q5. Answer: c


Q6. Answer: c


Q7. Answer: d


Q8. Answer: a


Q9. Answer: a


Q10. Answer: c


Q11. Answer: b


Q12. Answer: a


Q13. Answer: c


Q14. Answer: c


Q15. Answer: b


Q16. Answer: b


Q17. Answer: a


Q18. Answer: c


Q19. Answer: a


Q20. Answer: b