Basic Chemistry 3

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First Year Engineering Common to all Branches: Basics Chemistry 3

Subject: Basic Chemistry 3

Part 3: List for questions and answers of Basic Chemistry

Q1. Hardening of plastics often involves cross linking. This process is called
a) Curing
b) Vulcanization
c) Compounding
d) Plasticization

Q2. The word ‘polymer’ meant for material made from
a) Single entity
b) double entities
c) many entities
d) any entity

Q3. Kevlar is commercial name of
a) Glass fiber
b) Carbon fiber
c) aramid fiber
d) cermet

Q4. Polymers or macromolecules are largest molecules built up from small repeating units called
a) Atoms
b) Molecules
c) ions
d) Monomers

Q5. The number of repeating units in the chain of polymer is called
a) Extent of polymerization
b) Degree of polymerization
c) Length of polymerization
d) Specialization of polymerization

Q6. Which of the following is monomer of natural rubber
a) 2- methyl buta, 1-2 diene
b) 2- methyl buta, 1-3 diene
c) Chloroprene
d) Buta, 1-3 diene

Q7. A polymer which can be softened repeatedly on heating and hardened when cooled is called
a) Thermoplastic polymer
b) Homopolymer
c) Terpolymer
d) Copolymer

Q8. In which of the following polymerization, new bonds are formed by the elimination of small molecules?
a) Condensation
b) Addition
c) Simple
d) Coordination

Q9. The structure of rubber is in the form of
a) Cis 1, 4 – Polyisoprene
b) Trans 1 , 4, Polysioprence
c) Trans 1 , 2 isoprene
d) Cis 1 , 2 Isoprene

Q10. Addition polymerization involves
a) Initiation
b) Propagation
c) Termination
d) All above

Q11. CH2=CH-CH=CH2 is ——– monomer
a) Bifunctional
b) trifunctional
c) tetra functional
d) none of these

Q12. The temperature below which polymer is hard and brittle and above which it is soft and flexible is called as ——–
a) Tf
b) Tg
c) Tm
d) Ts

Q13. Which of the following polymerization techniques offers problem of heat dispersion?
a) Solution polymerization
b) Bulk polymerization
c) Suspension polymerization
d) Emulsion polymerization

Q14. __________ resins are produced by the condensation polymerisation of formaldehyde with urea or melamine.
a) Epoxy
b) Alkyd
c) Amino
d) Phenolic

Q15. In a cross linked polymer, the monomeric units are linked together to constitute a three dimensional network. Which of the following is a cross-linked polymer?
a) Bakelite (phenol formaldehyde)
b) Polyester
c) Nylon-6
d) Polythene

Q16. Due to its excellent permeability to air/gas and oxidation resistance, the tubes of automobile tyresis made of
a) cold SBR
b) butyl rubber
c) Bunai N
d) Buna S

Q17. Buna-S is a __________ material
a) resinous
b) fibrous
c) plastic
d) rubbery

Q18. __________ tubes are good substitute for human blood vessels on heart by-pass operation
a) PVC
b) Teflon/dacron
c) Polystyrene
d) Polythene

Q19. Which of the following is a copolymer ?
a) Bakelite
b) PVC
c) Teflon
d) Polythene

Q20. Visco-elastic behaviour exhibited by plastics is a __________ like behaviour
a) solid
b) neither solid nor liquid
c) liquid
d) combination of solid and liquid

Part 3: List for questions and answers of Basic Chemistry

Q1. Answer: a

Q2. Answer: c

Q3. Answer: c

Q4. Answer: d

Q5. Answer: b

Q6. Answer: b

Q7. Answer: a

Q8. Answer: a

Q9. Answer: a

Q10. Answer: d

Q11. Answer: a

Q12. Answer: b

Q13. Answer: b

Q14. Answer: c

Q15. Answer: a

Q16. Answer: b

Q17. Answer: d

Q18. Answer: b

Q19. Answer: a

Q20. Answer: d