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Part 1: List for questions and answers of Sample Question Paper

Q1. LPG means

a) low pressure gas

b) low power gas

c) low petroleum gas

d) liquefied petroleum gas


Q2. Type of thread in a pipe is called

a) BSP thread

b) BSW thread

c) metric thread

d) acme thread

Q3. Lathe bed is made of

a) mild steel

b) cast iron

c) alloy steel

d) carbon steel


Q4. The process of making cup shaped components from sheet metal blank is called

a) drawing

b) spinning

c) extrusion

d) piercing


Q5. Which gauge is used to measure the thickness of sheets

a) Feeler gauge

b) Ring gauge

c) Plug gauge

d) Wire gauge


Q6. _____ is used for making very large radius.

a) Divider

b) Caliper

c) Trammel

d) Vernier


Q7. The property of a metal by virtue of which the metal can be bent or stretched without failure is

a) Hardness

b) Brittleness

c) Ductility

d) Toughness


Q8. Rubber is _____ elastic than mild steel.

a) More

b) Less

c) Equal

d) None of these


Q9. The sides of a triangle are in the ratio of 3:4:5. If the longest side is 170mm, the lengths of the other two sides are

a) 102mm & 136 mm

b) 202mm & 236 mm

c) 221 mm & 142mm

d) 112 mm & 122 mm


Q10. Cast iron is used to manufacture machine beds because

a) It is heavy

b) It is cheap

c) It is brittle

d) it resist more compressive load


Q11. International difference between the hole dimension and shaft dimension for any type of fit is called

a) Tolerance

b) Allowances

c) Interference

d) Clearance


Q12. Which of the following is not interference fit

a) Shrink fit

b) Heavy drive fit

c) Light drive fit

d) Running fit


Q13. Which of the following is not a clearance fit

a) Slide fit

b) Running fit

c) Shrink fit

d) Loose running fit


Q14. Bolt used for installing a machine on the ground is called

a) Eye bolt

b) Hexagonal bolt

c) Foundation bolt

d) Square head bolt


Q15. Bolt having a ring shaped head used in heavy electric motors and other machines for providing a facility for lifiting is called

a) Counter sunk bolt

b) T bolt

c) Cheese head bolt

d) Eye bolt


Q16. Which of the following is not a nut locking system

a) Check nut

b) Split pin

c) Spring washer

d) Wing nut


Q17. (Change in length) / (Original length) is called

a) Stress

b) Strain

c) Factor of safety

d) Young’s modulus


Q18. Property of a metal due to which it can be shaped to a wire by drawing process is called

a) Malleability

b) Hardness

c) Ductility

d) Brittleness


Q19. The property of a metal to resist abrasion or cutting is called

a) Toughness

b) Ductility

c) Malleability

d) Hardness


Q20. Which of the following is a ferrous metal

a) Copper

b) Aluminium

c) Gold

d) Mild steel


Part 1: List for questions and answers of Sample Question Paper

Q1. Answer d

Q2. Answer a

Q3. Answer b

Q4. Answer a

Q5. Answer d

Q6. Answer c

Q7. Answer d

Q8. Answer a

Q9. Answer a

Q10. Answer d

Q11. Answer b

Q12. Answer d

Q13. Answer c

Q14. Answer c

Q15. Answer d

Q16. Answer d

Q17. Answer b

Q18. Answer c

Q19. Answer d

Q20. Answer d