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Part 12: List for questions and answers of Sample Question Paper Fitter


Q1. If the recommended cutting speed of mild steel is 20 m/min, what is the rotational speed (rpm) required for a Dia=20 mm drill bit?

a) 320 rpm

b) 1050 rpm

c) 120 rpm

d) 2100 rpm


Q2. Tool will rub against the work surfaces and the cutting force increases when

a) Clearance angle is more

b) Clearance angle is less

c) Rake angle is more

d) Rake angle is less


Q3. The rake angle required for machining cast iron is

a) 8 degree

b) 0 degree

c) 25 degree

d) 30 degree


Q4. Helix angle in twist drill determines the

a) Clearance angle

b) Rake angle

c) Point angle

d) Inclination


Q5. Calculate the tailstock offset in mm for the job details given below using tailstock offset method for taper turning. Big diameter (d) = 36 mm, Small diameter (d) = 32 mm, Length taper (I) = 125 mm, Total length of job (L) = 250 mm

a) 2 mm

b) 4 mm

c) 6 mm

d) 8 mm


Q6. In a metric thread, what will be the thickness of the thread at pitch diameter?

a) Half of the pitch

b) Equal to pitch

c) Equal to lead

d) none of these


Q7. A fit designated as 25 H7/p6 is a

a) Clearance fit

b) Transition fit

c) Interference fit

d) Tolerance fit


Q8. What is the total surface area of cube having each edge of length 20?

a) 240

b) 2400

c) 3000

d) 200


Q9. At room temperature plain carbon steel contains

a) Ferrite and Cementite

b) Ferrite and Pearlite

c) Pearlite and Cementite

d) All the three


Q10. The LCM of 2, 3, 4 is

a) 4

b) 6

c) 8

d) 12


Q11. Simple interest for Rs. 2000 in two years at an interest rate of 5 % is

a) Rs. 200

b) Rs. 400

c) Rs. 2200

d) Rs. 100


Q12. A ladder of 5 m length is kept leaning against a wall such that its tip is along the top of the wall. The lower end of t he ladder is 4 m away from the base of the wall. Then the height of the wall is

a) 3 m

b) 9 m

c) 10 m

d) 3.6 m


Q13. A train runs for 30 minutes at the speed of 50 km/hr and the next 30 minutes at the speed of 60 km/hr. Then the average speed is

a) 40 km/hr

b) 50 km/hr

c) 45 km/hr

d) 55 km/hr


Q14. Find the angles of the triangle, if they are in the ratio of 2:7:11

a) 18.63:99

b) 20:70:90

c) 30:50:100

d) none of these


Q15. The designation of sheet of size 594×841 is

a) A1

b) A4

c) A3

d) A2


Q16. Which of the following is the lightest pencil?

a) 2B

b) 1B

c) HB

d) H


Q17. Which of the following welding techniques require a vaccum environment?

a) Ultrasonic welding

b) Laser beam

c) Plasma arc

d) Electron Beam


Q18. Allowance provided to vertical walls of patterns for easy withdrawal is called

a) Shrinkage allowance

b) Draft allowance

c) Distortion / Camber allowance

d) Rapping allowance


Q19. In a milling machine, cutting tool is held in position by

a) Chuck

b) Spindle

c) Arbor

d) Tail stock


Q20. Rolling friction is

a) Lesser than sliding friction

b) More than sliding friction

c) Equal to sliding friction

d) Equal to kinetic friction


Part 12: List for questions and answers of Sample Question Paper Fitter


Q1. Answer a

Q2. Answer a

Q3. Answer b

Q4. Answer b

Q5. Answer b

Q6. Answer a

Q7. Answer c

Q8. Answer b

Q9. Answer d

Q10. Answer d

Q11. Answer a

Q12. Answer a

Q13. Answer d

Q14. Answer a

Q15. Answer a

Q16. Answer a

Q17. Answer d

Q18. Answer b

Q19. Answer c

Q20. Answer a