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ITI Trade: Sample Question (Fitter Paper 17)

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Part 17: List for questions and answers of Sample Question Paper Fitter


Q1. Ratchet stop in the micrometre helps to

a) Lock the spindle

b) Adjust zero error

c) Control the pressure

d) Hold the job


Q2. Zero error in micrometre means

a) Micrometre is true

b) Zero mark on the thimble is visible

c) Zero on thimble and datum line on sleeve do not coincide when measuring faces are in contact

d) There is negligible gap between the anvil


Q3. Which among the following instruments is used to check the concentricity of the outside diameter?

a) Limit gauges

b) Dial test indicator

c) sine bar

d) Vernier bevel protractor


Q4. Which among the following instruments are used to check the components only to ensure that the sizes are within the prescribed limits in mass production work

a) Try square

b) Dial test indicator

c) Gauges

d) Vernier caliper


Q5. 10 students took part in a quiz. If the number of girls is 4 more than the number of boys, find the number of boys and girls who took part in the quiz?

a) 7 Boys & 3 Girls

b) 3 Boys & 7 Girls

c) 4 Boys & 6 Girls

d) None of the above


Q6. A ladder is placed against a wall such that its foot is at a distanc e of 4.0m from the wall and its top reaches a window 3 m above the ground. Find the length of the ladder.

a) 6 mtr

b) 4 mtr

c) 5 mtr

d) 4.5 mtr


Q7. The length of the hacksaw blade is measured from

a) End to end of blade

b) Centre of one pin hole to the centre of another pin hole

c) One end of the toothed portion to the other end

d) End of one hole to the end of the other pin hole


Q8. For hack sawing thin tubing the most suitable pitch of blade is

a) 0.8 mm

b) 1 mm

c) 1.4 mm

d) 1.8 mm


Q9. Second cut in a file is the

a) Shape

b) cut

c) Grade

d) Section


Q10. Jenny caliper is also called as

a) Outside caliper

b) Inside caliper

c) Hermaphrodite caliper

d) None of the above


Q11. There are exactly how many tangents to a circle through a point lying outside the circle

a) Three

b) One

c) Two

d) None



Q12. The percentage of increase in the area of a rectangular, if each of the sides is increased by 20%

a) 40%

b) 44%

c) 42%

d) 46%


Q13. A train runs for 30 minutes at the speed of 50 km/hr and the next 30 minutes at the speed of 60 km/hr. Then the average speed is

a) 40 km/hr

b) 50 km/hr

c) 55 km/hr

d) 45 km/hr


Q14. When tolerance is given on one side of the basic dimension, it is called

a) Tolerance system

b) Bilateral tolerance

c) Unilateral tolerance

d) Allowance system


Q15. Which among of the following nut is used for hand vice?

a) Thumb nut

b) Hexagonal nut

c) Wing nut

d) Check nut


Q16. Spring washers are used under nuts to prevent

a) Damage to the bolt

b) Damage to the nut

c) Damage to the job

d) Slackness of nuts due to vibration


Q17. In which type of gear, the teeth are cut parallel to the axis of rotation?

a) Helical gear

b) Spur gear

c) Bevel gear

d) Worm gear


Q18. What is the included angle between two sides of a regular hexagon?

a) 75 degree

b) 120 degree

c) 145 degree

d) None of the above


Q19. pH value of a neutral solution is

a) 6

b) 5

c) 8

d) 7


Q20. Which is a process of forming a thick oxide layer of aluminum

a) Galvanizing

b) Chromising

c) Sheradising

d) Anodising


Part 17: List for questions and answers of Sample Question Paper Fitter


Q1. Answer c

Q2. Answer c

Q3. Answer b

Q4. Answer c

Q5. Answer b

Q6. Answer c

Q7. Answer b

Q8. Answer a

Q9. Answer c

Q10. Answer c

Q11. Answer c

Q12. Answer b

Q13. Answer c

Q14. Answer c

Q15. Answer c

Q16. Answer d

Q17. Answer b

Q18. Answer b

Q19. Answer d

Q20. Answer d