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Part 20: List for questions and answers of Sample Question Paper Fitter


Q1. Dressing of a grinding wheel refers to

a) Restoring the cutting action of the wheel

b) Shaping of the wheel

c) Making the wheel concentric with the axis

d) changing the wheel


Q2. The process of producing a flat seat for a bolt head at the opening of a drilled hole is

a) Counter boring

b) Counter sinking

c) Reaming

d) Spot facing


Q3. Difference between the maximum and the minimum limit of size is known as

a) Deviation

b) Tolerance

c) Fit

d) Interference


Q4. For a hole designated as 28 ± 0.5 mm, the tolerance is

a) 0.5 mm

b) 1 mm

c) 28 mm

d) 28.5 mm


Q5. In a hole basis system, the lower deviation for the hole 'H' is

a) 0 mm

b) 0.1 mm

c) 1 mm

d) 0.01 mm


Q6. The depth of fusion of a weld is known as

a) Penetration

b) Molten pool

c) Fusion

d) Drag


Q7. Sum of first 10 natural numbers is

a) 55

b) 10

c) 210

d) 110


Q8. The operation of producing patterns on cylindrical external surface by pressing a tool is known as

a) Boring

b) Tuming

c) Knurling

d) Taper turning


Q9. The shape of a rasp cut file is

a) Triangular

b) Flat

c) Half round

d) Round


Q10. This punch is used for making witness marks

a) 60 deg. Prick Punch

b) 300 Prick Punch

c) Centre Punch

d) 90 deg. Centre Punch


Q11. A standard hacksaw blade of 300mm length has 375 teeth. What is the classification and type of set of the blade?

a) Medium, Wave set

b) Medium, Staggered set

c) Fine, Staggered set

d) Fine, Wave set


Q12. Find out the speed setting (rpm) for a high speed steel drill D24 to cut a work piece of phosphor bronze. Maximum cutting speed with HSS for Phosphor Bronze is 35 m/min

a) 400

b) 200

c) 1000

d) 600


Q13. What is the clearance angle if the angle of inclination of a chisel, with point angle 60 deg, is 39.5 deg?

a) 15 degree

b) 9.5 degree

c) 20.5 degree

d) none of the above


Q14. Choose a drilling machine for drilling multiple holes of larger diameters

a) Sensitive bench drilling machine

b) Pillar drilling machine

c) Column drilling machine

d) Radial drilling machine


Q15. A Metric Outside micrometre of range 100-125 mm is used to measure the diameter of a rod. Barrel graduation showed 16.5 and the thimble graduation in line with the barrel datum line was 28. What is the diameter of the rod?

a) 16.78 mm

b) 16.64 mm

c) 116.64 mm

d) 116.78 mm


Q16. Carbon content in wrought iron is

a) 0.2 to 0.3 percent

b) 0.3 to 0.8 percent

c) 0.02 to 0.03 percent

d) 0.1 to 0.2 percent


Q17. The heat treatment of steel to obtain softness, improved machinability, increased ductility, to relieve internal stresses and to refine the grain size is called

a) Annealing

b) Tempering

c) Nitriding

d) Hardening


Q18. At room temperature, plain carbon steel contains

a) Ferrite and cementite

b) Ferrite and pearlite

c) Pearlite and Cementite

d) Ferrite, Cementite and Pearlite


Q19. One of the following is not a work holding accessory of a lathe

a) Face Plate

b) Mandrel

c) Catch Plate

d) Self Centring Chuck


Q20. Which of the following controls the chip geometry while turning?

a) Relief Angle

b) Approach angle

c) Rake Angle

d) Clearance angle


Part 20: List for questions and answers of Sample Question Paper Fitter


Q1. Answer a

Q2. Answer d

Q3. Answer b

Q4. Answer b

Q5. Answer a

Q6. Answer a

Q7. Answer a

Q8. Answer c

Q9. Answer c

Q10. Answer a

Q11. Answer d

Q12. Answer a

Q13. Answer b

Q14. Answer d

Q15. Answer d

Q16. Answer c

Q17. Answer d

Q18. Answer c

Q19. Answer c

Q20. Answer a