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Part 24: List for questions and answers of Sample Question Paper Fitter


Q1. Square Head Bolts are generally used for

a) Fixing machine at appropriate places in workshops.

b) Fitting heavy electric motor

c) Place where inadequate space and difficulty in fixing spanner

d) Fitting in slots


Q2. State which of the following is used for permanent fastening?

a) Stud

b) Key

c) Pin

d) Rivet


Q3. Gears used for connecting intersecting shafts?

a) Helical Gear

b) Bevel Gear

c) Spur Gear

d) Rack and pinion


Q4. One micron is equal to _____ Centimetre.

a) "1/1000"

b) "1/100"

c) "1/10"

d) "1/10000"


Q5. Which is the unit of relative density?

a) gm/cc

b) m/s

c) kg/square centimeter

d) None of these


Q6. Cast iron is used to manufacture machine beds because

a) It is heavy

b) It is cheap

c) It is brittle

d) It resist more compressive load


Q7. The sides of a triangle are in the rato of 3:4:5. If the longest side is 170 mm, the lengths of the other two sides are

a) 102 mm & 136 mm

b) 202 mm & 236 mm

c) 221 mm & 142 mm

d) 112 mm & 122 mm


Q8. The main constitutents of HSS

a) Tungsten, Nickel, Chromium

b) Tungsten, Nickel, Cobalt

c) Tungsten, Chromium, Vanadium

d) None of these


Q9. Rubber is _____ elastic than mild steel.

a) More

b) Less

c) Equal

d) None of these


Q10. The property of a metal by virtue of which the metal can withstand shock load

a) Hardness

b) Brittleness

c) Ductility

d) Toughness


Q11. Find the surface area of the sphere whose radius is 18 cm. [Pie = 3.14]

a) 6069 square centimeter

b) 5069 square centimeter

c) 4069 square centimeter

d) 3569 square centimeter


Q12. Dowel pins are used for

a) Measurement of diameter of hole

b) Measurement of depth of hole

c) Hidden fastening

d) None of these


Q13. The distance moved by a nut on one rotation is equal to

a) Pitch

b) Lead

c) Feed

d) Start


Q14. In brazing, the filler metal generally used is

a) Copper Zinc alloy

b) Copper Tin alloy

c) Aluminium foil

d) None of these


Q15. The hole opening which is required for screwing conical or tapered necked screw is

a) Counter Boring

b) Counter Sinking

c) Jig Boring

d) Jig Drilling


Q16. If 1/2b = 1/3, what is the value of b?

a) 2.5

b) 2

c) 1.7

d) 1.5


Q17. Second cut file is used for

a) Roughing

b) Finishing

c) Removing metal in large quantity

d) None of these


Q18. The minimum distance from the rivet hole centre to the plate edge is

a) 1.5d

b) 3d

c) 2d

d) 2.5d


Q19. Which fit is an example of transition fit.

a) Running fit

b) Expansion fit

c) Ringing fit

d) Shrinkage fit


Q20. Wheel of a bus is 1 meter diameter and rotating at 540 rpm. The speed of the bus is

a) 101.73 km/hr

b) 102.73 km/hr

c) 120 km/hr

d) 79.50 km/hr


Part 24: List for questions and answers of Sample Question Paper Fitter


Q1. Answer: d

Q2. Answer: d

Q3. Answer: b

Q4. Answer: d

Q5. Answer: d

Q6. Answer: d

Q7. Answer: a

Q8. Answer: c

Q9. Answer: b

Q10. Answer: d

Q11. Answer: c

Q12. Answer: c

Q13. Answer: b

Q14. Answer: a

Q15. Answer: b

Q16. Answer: d

Q17. Answer: b

Q18. Answer: a

Q19. Answer: c

Q20. Answer: a