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ITI Trade: Sample Question Paper (Machinist Paper 38)

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Part 38: List for questions and answers of Sample Question Paper Machinist


Q1. Which of the following mechanism is used in a shaper to convert the oscillatory motion to linear motion?

a) Worm and worm wheel mechanism

b) Bevel gear mechanism

c) Crank and slotted mechanism

d) Bell crank lever mechanism


Q2. Clapper box in shaper is used in order

a) To avoid length of tool

b) To ensure cutting action

c) To lift the tool during return stroke

d) To lift the tool during cutting stroke


Q3. The purpose of tumbler gear in the lathe is to

a) Cut gears

b) Reduce spindle speeds

c) Give designed directions of movement to the carriage

d) Reverse the spindle direction


Q4. The main feed shaft of a slotting machine is driven by

a) Bevel gear mechanism

b) Pawl and Ratchet wheel mechanism

c) Tumbler gear mechanism

d) Worm and worm gear mechanism


Q5. To form small length of taper for mass production, method preferable is

a) Compound rest method

b) Set over

c) Form tool

d) Attachment


Q6. Knurling is the operation done on

a) Lathe

b) Milling

c) Grinding

d) Shaping


Q7. In a planing machine, the metal is removed when the table moves in

a) Forward direction

b) Backward direction

c) Forward and Backward direction

d) Crosswise direction


Q8. Ra value of a surface referes to

a) Type of coating given on a surface

b) Heat treatment given on a surface

c) Roughness of a surface

d) Hardness of a surface


Q9. The three main classes of fits used in the BIS system are

a) Clearance, transition and interference

b) Losse fit, flat, sliding fit and expansion fit

c) Round fit, flat fit and expansion fit

d) Tight fit, push fit and medium fit


Q10. Advantage of capstan and turret lathe over other lathes is

a) Mounting of multiple tools

b) Operation at high speeds

c) Simplest of all Lathes

d) Suitable for small works


Q11. Unit of strain is

a) mm

b) N/square millimeter

c) Mpa

d) None of the above


Q12. In the thread designation ‘M12 x 1.25’, ‘M’ specifies

a) Metallic thread

b) Man made thread

c) Constant pitch thread

d) ISO metric thread


Q13. A fastener is designated as M5 x 0.8. If the length of the threaded portion is 4 mm, the number of threads available is

a) 3.2

b) 4

c) 5

d) 0.8


Q14. Balls or rollers are used for precision measurement because

a) They are precision finished

b) They provide line or point contract

c) They are easy for handling

d) They can be produced easily


Q15. Coating on a carbide tool increases

a) Surface protection

b) Wear resistance

c) tool life

d) all of the above


Q16. Cast iron is an example for

a) Ductile material

b) Brittle material

c) High strength material

d) None of the above


Q17. Modern hydraulic systems are based on

a) Newton’s laws

b) Bernoullis principle

c) Gravity

d) Pascal’s law


Q18. In a grinding wheel, grade ‘C’ indicates

a) Soft wheel

b) Medium wheel

c) Hard wheel

d) None of the above


Q19. In an ‘Iron-Carbon’ Phase diagram, horizontal axis represents

a) Temperature

b) Percentage of carbon

c) Volume

d) Mass


Q20. Modulus of elasticity is given by

a) Strain /stress

b) Stress/strain

c) 1/strain

d) 1/stress


Part 38: List for questions and answers of Sample Question Paper


Q1. Answer c

Q2. Answer c

Q3. Answer d

Q4. Answer b

Q5. Answer c

Q6. Answer a

Q7. Answer b

Q8. Answer c

Q9. Answer a

Q10. Answer a

Q11. Answer d

Q12. Answer d

Q13. Answer c

Q14. Answer b

Q15. Answer d

Q16. Answer b

Q17. Answer d

Q18. Answer a

Q19. Answer b

Q20. Answer b