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ITI Trade: Sample Question Paper (Machinist Paper 39)

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Part 39: List for questions and answers of Sample Question Paper Machinist


Q1. Which taper is used on spindle nose of the lathe head stock

a) Jerno taper

b) burn & shape taper

c) pitch taper

d) morse taper


Q2. Indexing head in a milling machine is used

a) to reduce the speed of machining

b) to improve the surface finish

c) to drill holes on a pitch circle diameter

d) none of the above


Q3. Addendum of a gear means

a) Height of gear tooth above pitch circle

b) Total gear tooth height

c) Clearance of gear tooth

d) Height of gear tooth below pitch circle.


Q4. As the ratio between length and diameter of a boring bar increases, rigidity

a) Increases

b) remains the same

c) decrease

d) none of the above


Q5. The thread angle of a metric thread is

a) 55 degree

b) 57.5 degree

c) 60 degree

d) 45 degree


Q6. The general point angle of a drill used for drilling holes is

a) 110 degree

b) 100 degree

c) 90 degree

d) 118 degree


Q7. A carbide tool is better than HSS tool because

a) It is more heat resistant

b) has higher tool life

c) can be used at higher cutting speed

d) all the above


Q8. Instrument used for measuring angles is

a) Set square

b) Slip gauge

c) bevel protractor

d) Caliper


Q9. Gang milling is used to

a) Machine hard materials

b) Machine soft materials

c) Complete the machining faster

d) None


Q10. The use of CNC machines provide the following advantages

a) Better dimensional control

b) higher output

c) less attention of operator

d) all the above


Q11. A fixture is used to

a) Guide the tool

b) Clamp the job

c) Guide the tool and clamp the job

d) None


Q12. For turning cast iron, which tool material is most suitable for turning with maximum cutting speed?

a) Diamond

b) Stellite

c) Cemented carbide

d) HSS


Q13. What is the name of the control system of the CNC machine in which the actual position of the tool is compared with the input value?

a) Hydraulic control

b) Servo control

c) Pneumatic control

d) none of these


Q14. A hole of diameter 20H7 is to be finished. What measuring device will you select to check whether the size of a hole is within the limit or not?

a) Limit plug gauge

b) Vernier micrometer

c) Vernier caliper

d) Limit ring gauge


Q15. Which one of the milling process is best su itable?

a) Up milling

b) Down milling

c) Slot milling

d) Trepanning


Q16. The component of the surface texture upon which the roughness is superimposed is known as

a) Surface roughness

b) Surface texture

c) Lay

d) Waviness


Q17. Circumference of a circle is 66mm. Find its diameter

a) 21mm

b) 42mm

c) 33mm

d) 11mm


Q18. The tool point of a planning machine is mounted on

a) Apron

b) Cross rail

c) Clapper box

d) Saddle


Q19. Solid milling cutters are manufactured from

a) HSS

b) Carbide

c) CBN

d) Diamond


Q20. Single point cutting tool means

a) No cutting edge

b) one cutting edge

c) Holding arrangement for tool

d) none of the above


Part 39: List for questions and answers of Sample Question Paper


Q1. Answer d

Q2. Answer c

Q3. Answer a

Q4. Answer c

Q5. Answer c

Q6. Answer d

Q7. Answer d

Q8. Answer c

Q9. Answer c

Q10. Answer d

Q11. Answer b

Q12. Answer a

Q13. Answer b

Q14. Answer a

Q15. Answer b

Q16. Answer d

Q17. Answer a

Q18. Answer c

Q19. Answer a

Q20. Answer b