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ITI Trade: Sample Question Paper (Machinist Paper 41)

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Part 41: List for questions and answers of Sample Question Paper Machinist


Q1. The specification of a shaper is determined by

a) Table size

b) Stroke of the ram

c) Bed size

d) Tool head


Q2. In a planning machine, metal cutting take place by the reciprocation of

a) Table

b) Tool Head

c) Cross rail

d) Counter Shaft


Q3. Which of the following lathe center has minimum wear and tear & particularly suitable for tailstock offset turning?

a) Half centre

b) Pipe centre

c) Ball centre

d) Swivel Centre


Q4. Taper turning operation on a lathe can be carried out using

a) Form tool method

b) Compound rest method

c) Tailstock offset method

d) All of the above


Q5. The product of three consecutive terms of a geometric progression is 27. Its middle term is

a) 8

b) 3

c) 2

d) 6


Q6. Direction of the predominant surface pattern is known as

a) Surface texture

b) Roughness

c) Lay

d) Waviness


Q7. Which of the following method is most suitable for mass production of threaded components?

a) Using Chasers

b) Thread Rolling

c) Thread milling

d) Thread grinding


Q8. The included angle for unified thread is

a) 55 degree

b) 47.5 degree

c) 60 degree

d) 65 degree


Q9. Area of a triangle having side 6 cm, 8 cm and 10 cm is

a) 48 square centimeter

b) 60 square centimeter

c) 30 square centimeter

d) 24 square centimetre


Q10. Density of kerosene is

a) 0.7 gm/cc

b) 0.8 gm/cc

c) 1 gm/cc

d) 1.2 gm/cc


Q11. Cutting speed is expressed in

a) Meters/minute

b) revolutions/minute

c) strokes/minute

d) none


Q12. Reamer is used for

a) Making a hole

b) finishing the hole to size

c) Counter boring a hole

d) none of the above


Q13. Flute in a drill is provided for

a) Guiding the tool

b) removal of chips

c) Holding the tool

d) none of the above


Q14. Single point cutting tool means

a) No cutting edge

b) one cutting edge

c) Holding arrangement for tool

d) none of the above


Q15. The hardest material is

a) cubic boron nitride

b) tungsten carbide

c) carbon steel

d) diamond


Q16. Carbon is used as alloying element in carbon steels because

a) Carbon is a cheap material

b) Carbon is easily available

c) Carbon enables heat treatment of steel

d) None


Q17. Jig bushings are generally made of

a) Mild steel

b) Cast iron

c) Hardened steel

d) Brass


Q18. A milling machine is specified by

a) Longitudinal, cross and vertical traverse

b) Power available

c) Spindle nose taper

d) All the above


Q19. 18 – 8 stainless steel means

a) 18 % tungsten and 8 % chromium

b) 18 % chromium and 8 % nickel

c) 18 % nickel and 8 % chromium

d) 18 % chromium and 8 % cobalt


Q20. Open tolerance is an indication of

a) Medium precision

b) High precision

c) Very high precision

d) low precision


Part 41: List for questions and answers of Sample Question Paper


Q1. Answer b

Q2. Answer a

Q3. Answer c

Q4. Answer d

Q5. Answer b

Q6. Answer c

Q7. Answer b

Q8. Answer c

Q9. Answer d

Q10. Answer b

Q11. Answer a

Q12. Answer b

Q13. Answer b

Q14. Answer b

Q15. Answer d

Q16. Answer c

Q17. Answer c

Q18. Answer d

Q19. Answer b

Q20. Answer a