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ITI Trade: Sample Question Paper (Machinist Paper 44)

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Part 44: List for questions and answers of Sample Question Paper Machinist


Q1. The job reciprocates in

a) Shaping machine

b) Planning machine

c) Slotting machine

d) All of the above


Q2. Quick return mechanism in a planning machine is necessary to

a) Have smooth surface

b) Avoid dulling of the tool point

c) Reduce operation time

d) Increase operation time


Q3. Knurling is the operation done on

a) Lathe

b) Milling

c) Grinding

d) Shaping


Q4. Bevelling the edge of the cylindrical job is called

a) Taper turning

b) Counter sinking

c) Spot facing

d) Chamfering


Q5. The size of an engineer’s vice is specified according to the

a) Length of the movable jaw

b) Width of jaws

c) Height of the vice

d) Maximum of the openings of the jaw


Q6. Which one of the following is not an advantage of grinding process?

a) Heat treated components can be ground

b) Produces extremely smooth surfaces

c) Heavy volume of material can be removed

d) Veiy light works could also be finished effectively


Q7. In metal cutting operations discontinuous chips are produced while machining

a) Brittle material

b) Ductile material

c) Soft material

d) Hard material


Q8. A jig is a device used for

a) Holding the work piece

b) Loosening the work piece

c) Holding the work piece and guide the tool

d) Tightening the tool


Q9. Ra value of a surface refers to

a) Type of coating given on a surface

b) Heat treatment given on a surface

c) Roughness of a surface

d) Hardness of a surface


Q10. Calculate the rpm for a high speed steel drill (p20 mm to cut mild steel if the cutting speed is 30 m/min

a) 956

b) 478

c) 239

d) 50


Q11. A hole to be reamed on mild steel with a 10mm reamer. What will be the diameter of the drill for drilling the hole before reaming (undersize = 0.2mm & oversize plus minus 0.05mm)?

a) 9.85

b) 9.8

c) 9.75

d) 9.7


Q12. Bronze is an alloy of

a) Copper & Zinc

b) Copper & Tin

c) Copper, Antimony & Zinc

d) Copper, tin & Antimony


Q13. If 18:4:1 specifies general composition of high speed steel, the constituents are in the order

a) tungsten, chromium, vanadium

b) chromium, tungsten, vanadium

c) chromium, vanadium, tungsten

d) vanadium, tungsten, chromium


Q14. Lead screws of machine tools are made of

a) Buttress thread

b) Acme thread

c) Square thread

d) Saw tooth thread


Q15. Which of the following is a form of trapezoidal thread?

a) Acme Thread

b) Buttress thread

c) Worm Thread

d) All of the above


Q16. Effective diameter of a thread can be measured using

a) Screw thread micrometer

b) Three wire method

c) Selection of best wire method

d) All of the above


Q17. Removal of clogs and blunt abrasive grains from the surface of the grinding wheel is known as

a) Truing

b) Dressing

c) Glazing

d) Loading


Q18. The roughness value (Ra value) of grade N1 in microns is

a) 50

b) 0.1

c) 0.025

d) 0.2


Q19. The bond in the grinding wheel used for high rate of stock removal

a) Vitrified bond

b) Rubber bond

c) Silicate bond

d) Shellac Bond


Q20. The recommended drill point angle for drilling moulded plastics is

a) 118 degree

b) 80 degree

c) 140 degree

d) 130 degree


Part 44: List for questions and answers of Sample Question Paper


Q1. Answer b

Q2. Answer c

Q3. Answer a

Q4. Answer d

Q5. Answer b

Q6. Answer c

Q7. Answer a

Q8. Answer c

Q9. Answer c

Q10. Answer b

Q11. Answer c

Q12. Answer b

Q13. Answer a

Q14. Answer b

Q15. Answer d

Q16. Answer d

Q17. Answer b

Q18. Answer c

Q19. Answer a

Q20. Answer b