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ITI Trade: Sample Question Paper (Machinist Paper 45)

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Part 45: List for questions and answers of Sample Question Paper Machinist


Q1. Predominant alloying element in stainless steel is

a) Cobalt

b) Manganese

c) Nickel

d) Chromium


Q2. The carbon content is high carbon steel is

a) More than 0.6%

b) More than 1.4%

c) More than 14%

d) More than 50%


Q3. Density of aluminium is

a) 1.6 g/cc

b) 2.7 g/cc

c) 4.5 g/cc

d) 8.2 g/cc


Q4. Select the change gears required to cut a 4-start thread having a pitch of 1.5mm. The lead screw has a pitch of 8mm

a) 45/60

b) 60/80

c) 70/90

d) 80/100


Q5. The angle for two flanks of buttress threads are

a) Both 29 degree

b) Both 12 degree

c) 7 degree and 45 degree

d) 20 degree and 29 degree


Q6. H7/k6 is a

a) Locational transition fit

b) Locational clearance fit

c) Locational interference fit

d) Medium drive fit


Q7. The Youngs modulus of steel is

a) 207 Gpa

b) 120 GPa

c) 70 Gpa

d) 50 Mpa


Q8. Crater wear occurs mainly due to

a) Abrasion

b) Diffusion

c) Oxidation

d) Adhesion


Q9. A milling cutter of 80mm diameter has nine teeth. It is used to mill a 240mm long work piece. The run over is 4mm and the depth of cut is 5mm. A cutting speed of 12 meters/min. and feed per tooth of 0.15mm has been selected. Determine the milling time.

a) 12.35 min

b) 1.18 min

c) 4.0 min

d) 23.5 min


Q10. Formula to calculate the value of setover using tailstock setover method to turn taper from diameter D to diameter d to a certain length l of a job (Total length of the job is L) is

a) 630 (D-d)/(2Lx1)

b) (D-d)/(2L)

c) (D-d)L/(2l)

d) (D-d)l/L


Q11. The value of side rake of the turning tool of geometry of 7-8-5-6-9-4-1 mm will be

a) 5 deg.

b) 8 deg.

c) 7 deg.

d) 9 deg.


Q12. Find the time requried for a slotting machine for making a complete cut on a plate 600×600 mm if the cutting speed is 8 meters/min, for the return time to cutting time ration 2:3 and feed 2mm/double stroke. Clearance at each end is 75 mm.

a) 4.6 min

b) 46 min

c) 92 min

d) 184 min


Q13.In a slotting machine, the cutting speed for a stroke length of 610 mm at 30 strokes per minute (return time to cutting time ration = 2:3) is

a) 30.5 m/min

b) 40 m/min

c) 50.3 m/min

d) 5.03 m/min


Q14. For Aluminium alloys, recommended rake angle for a milling cutter tool is

a) 14 degree

b) 12 degree

c) 0 degree

d) 30 degree


Q15. The quality of surface finish that can be achieved on a milling machine is

a) N4 to N11

b) N3 to N6

c) N2 to N4

d) N11 to N12


Q16. CNC Machines are best suited for _____ production

a) mass

b) one-off

c) batch

d) all of these


Q17. Circular profiels can be produced on a CNC using _____ code.

a) G09

b) G03

c) G08

d) G06


Q18. An ATC plays a significant role in reducing

a) Idle time

b) Tool time

c) Control time

d) Actual Time Cutting


Q19. CMM’ stands for

a) Computerized Measuring Machine

b) Computerized Milling Machine

c) Coordinate Measuring Machine

d) Computerized Material Management


Q20. The purpose of a feedback device in a CNC machine tool is to find

a) Speed

b) Displacement

c) Force

d) (a) and (b)


Part 45: List for questions and answers of Sample Question Paper


Q1. Answer d

Q2. Answer a

Q3. Answer b

Q4. Answer b

Q5. Answer c

Q6. Answer a

Q7. Answer a

Q8. Answer b

Q9. Answer c

Q10. Answer c

Q11. Answer b

Q12. Answer b

Q13. Answer a

Q14. Answer d

Q15. Answer a

Q16. Answer c

Q17. Answer b

Q18. Answer a

Q19. Answer c

Q20. Answer d