Cutting Operations 23

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Subject: Cutting Operations

ITI Trades MCQ: Fitter, Turner, Machinist

Part 23: List for questions and answers of Cutting Tools and Operations                                      


Q1.You has to select a grinding wheel with suitable abrasive to grind glass. What is the type of abrasive you will select? 

a) Diamond 

b) Emery 

c) Quartz 

d) Silicon carbide 


Q2. Which one of the following machine reamers is used to correct the misalignment between the reamer axis and the work axis? 

a) Floating blade reamer 

b) Shell reamer 

c) Machine jig reamer 

d) Chucking reamer 


Q3. A hardened die block (work) has to be ground. It is required to retain the same hardness even after grinding. If the work is overheated in the grinding process, it may result in work being rejected or scrapped. Probable reason for rejection is that the work surface is 

a) Discoloured 

b) Softened 

c) Rough 

d) Brittle 


Q4. Dressing and truing of a grinding wheel are 

a) Exactly the same operation 

b) Done with the same equipment 

c) Done only for coarse grinding wheels 

d) Only for form grinding wheels 


Q5.Which one of the following features, refers to vitrified bond wheel? 

a) Used for longer period due to dense structure 

b) Used for longer period due to an elastic structure 

c) Not sensitive to shocks and pressure 

d) Suitable for wet and dry grinding 


Q6.What is the cause of a grinding wheel becoming glazed in a grinding machine? 

a) Grinding wheel’s grade is too soft 

b) Grinding wheel’s grade is too large 

c) Feed and traverse are less 

d) Grinding wheel’s speed is too high and work speed is low 


Q7. It is commonly observed that the face of a grinding wheel becomes shiny and smooth or glazed after some use due to one of the following reasons. Choose the correct answer. 

a) Grade of wheel is too hard 

b) Abrasive of wheel is not suitable for the purpose 

c) Grain size is too coarse 

d) Structure of the wheel is too open 


Q8. How does a hand reamer differ from a machine reamer? 

a) Larger bevel lead for the cutting edge 

b) number of cutting teeth 

c) Less number of cutting teeth 

d) Unequal spacing of cutting edges 


Q9. Which one of the following reamers can adjust itself in case of slight misalignment when fitted on a tailstock? 

a) Parallel reamer 

b) Taper reamer 

c) Adjustable reamer 

d) Floating reamer 


Q10.Which among the following is NOT the cause for loading of grinding wheel? 

a) Dense structure 

b) Feed too fine 

c) Wheel speed more than recommended 

d) Proper grain size and grade of wheel 


Q11.The effect of using a glazed or loaded wheel is 

a) More heat generation 

b) Poor surface finish 

c) Excessive cutting pressure between the wheel face and the work surface 

d) All of the above 


Q12.Which one of the following is NOT the causes for glazing wheel?

a) Improper dressing of wheel 

b) Dirty coolant 

c) Hard wheel in place of soft wheel 

d) Feed rate is too fine 


Q13.Which of the following reamers is particularly suitable for reaming holes having keyway grooves? 

a) Straight fluted reamer 

b) Helical fluted reamer 

c) Taper reamer 

d) Pilot reamer 


Q14.Which one of the following drilling machines is used for drilling holes where  Electricity is not available? 

a) Bench drilling machine 

b) Pillar drilling machine 

c) Radial drilling machine 

d) Ratchet drilling machine 


Q15.The teeth of hacksaw blade are set to 

a) Provide clearance for the blade 

b) Prevent jamming and breakage of blade 

c) Make the kerf wider than the blade 

d) All of the above 


Q16.For cylindrical grinding a small diameter work with fairly large wheel, which among the following grades of wheel should be used? 

a) Soft 

b) Medium 

c) Hard 

d) Very soft 


Q17. You have to cut an aluminium block to smooth finish. Which one of the following cut of file is most suitable? 

a) Single cut 

b) Double cut 

c) Rasp cut 

d) Circular cut 


Q18.A groove is being chipped by a chisel. How will you avoid the metal breaking off as a lump, when reaching the end of the groove? 

a) By chipping with light force when reaching the end 

b) By using soluble oil 

c) By holding the chisel with the less inclination 

d) By chipping the end portion from opposite side


Q19. A portable drilling machine is specified by 

a) the size of job it can hold 

b) max diameter of drill it can hold 

c) spindle speed and feeds

d) maximum spindle travel


Q20. A die is 

a) External thread cutting tool 

b) Internal thread cutting tool 

c) Square thread cutting tool 

d) Acme thread cutting tool 


Part 23: List for questions and answers of Cutting Tools and Operations                                      


Q1. Answer: a


Q2. Answer: a


Q3. Answer: b


Q4. Answer: b


Q5. Answer: d


Q6. Answer: d


Q7. Answer: a


Q8. Answer: a


Q9. Answer: d


Q10. Answer: d


Q11. Answer: d


Q12. Answer: a


Q13. Answer: b


Q14. Answer: d


Q15. Answer: d


Q16. Answer: c


Q17. Answer: a


Q18. Answer: d


Q19. Answer: b


Q20. Answer: a