Cutting Tools and Operations 28

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Subject: Cutting Tools and Operations

ITI Trades MCQ: Fitter, Turner, Machinist

Part 28: List for questions and answers of Cutting Tools and Operations                                      


Q1. For grinding carbide materials

a) Aluminium oxide wheel is used

b) Silicon carbide wheel is used

c) Diamond wheel is used

d) Corundum wheel is used


Q2.The taper shank of a drill of 20 mm diameter has

a) MT-1 taper

b) MT-2 taper

c) MT-3 taper

d) MT-4 taper


Q3. A warding file is similar to

a) Flat file but uniform in width

b) Hand file but narrow in width

c) Flat file but thinner in thickness

d) Flat file but thinner and uniform in thickness


Q4.A die nut is nothing but

a) A nut forged by using dies

b) A die in the shape of a nut

c) A nut for tightening the die in the die stock

d) A die which is used for cutting threads in nuts


Q5.The angle of drill grinding gauge is 

a) 59°

b) 118°

c) 121°

d) 124°


Q6. Which among the following is an artificial abrasive?

a) Aluminium oxide

b) Emery

c) Diamond

d) Corundum


Q7.The reamer teeth and spacing are designed to assist in reaming more accurate holes with good surface finish. Which one of the following is true regarding the number of teeth and their spacing?

a) Uneven number of teeth and uneven spacing

b) Uneven number of teeth and even spacing

c) Even number of teeth and uneven spacing

d) Even number of teeth and even spacing


Q8.Which among the following factors will NOT influence the selection of the cutting speed while performing operation on drilling machine?

a) Width of job

b) Material of job

c) Material of tool

d) Operation to be performed


Q9.A nut is to be made for a screw of M10x1.5. What should be the size of drilled hole?

a) 8.5 mm

b) 9.0 mm

c) 9.5 mm

d) 10.0 mm


Q10.Which among the following is NOT the factor for selection of cutting speed and feed for reaming a hole with a machine reamer?

a) Material of the job

b) Material of the reamer

c) Diameter (size) of the reamer

d) Rigidity of the fixture


Q11.The rate of feed depends upon

a) Finish required

b) Material of tool (drill)

c) Option: Material to be drilled

d) All the above


Q12.Which one of the following is used to hold the straight shank drill having diameter less than 12 mm?

a) Sleeve

b) Socket

c) Drill chuck

d) Drill drifts



Q13.The distance a drill advances into the job in one complete revolution is known as

a) R.P.M

b) Cutting speed

c) Feed

d) Machine speed


Q14.The commonly used standard length of hacksaw blade is

a) 100 mm

b) 150 mm

c) 200 mm

d) 250 mm


Q15. The diameter of a finish turned shaft can best be checked with a

a) combination set

b) slip gauge

c) height gauge 

d) micrometer screw gauge


Q16. Least count of vernier calliper in metric system 

a) 0.001 mm

b) 0.01 mm

c) 0.02 mm  

d) 0.05 mm


Q17. In a tap drill size m.12*1.75 the size of the hole is 

a) 9.5mm

b) 9.86mm

c) 10.5mm

d) 16mm


Q18.number of tap generally used for hand tapping are 

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 4


Q19. The colour of the cast iron is

a) White 

b) red

c) black

d) yellow


Q20. Which type of thread is oxygen cylinder regulator has

a) acme

b) left hand 

c) double start

d) right hand


Part 28: List for questions and answers of Cutting Tools and Operations                                      


Q1. Answer: c 


Q2. Answer: b


Q3. Answer: c 


Q4. Answer: b


Q5. Answer: c


Q6. Answer: a


Q7. Answer: c


Q8. Answer: a


Q9. Answer: a


Q10. Answer: d


Q11. Answer: d


Q12. Answer: c


Q13. Answer: c


Q14. Answer: d


Q15. Answer: d


Q16. Answer: c


Q17. Answer: b

Q18. Answer: c


Q19. Answer: c


Q20. Answer: d