Lathe Construction 5

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Subject: Lathe Construction

ITI Trades MCQ: Fitter, Turner, Machinist

 Part 5: List for questions and answers of Lathe Construction                                                          


Q1.The lathe bed has 

a) One set of ‘V’ guideways and flatways 

b) Two sets of ‘V’ guideways and flatways 

c) Three sets of ‘V’ guideways and flatways 

d) Four sets of ‘V’ guideways and flatways 


Q2.A Tumbler gear unit consists of 

a) One gear 

b) Two gears 

c) There gears 

d) Four gears 


Q3.Which one of the following on a lathe is used to give depth of cut ? 

a) Compound slide 

b) Top slide 

c) By adjusting the tool 

d) Cross slide 


Q4.The sliding surface of the lathe bed are 

a) Flame hardened 

b) Case hardened 

c) Normalised 

d) Tempered 


Q5.To prevent lathe bed guideways from damaging by chuck while mounting 

a) Take the help of supervisor 

b) Support it with screw jack 

c) Lift it with hand crane 

d) Place a wooden piece on the guideways 


Q6.Lathe bed is made of 

a) Mild steel 

b) Cast iron 

c) High carbon steel 

d) High alloy steel 


Q7.Back-gear mechanism is provided in cone pulley headstock to 

a) Reduce the speed of spindle 

b) Increase the speed of spindle 

c) Reverse the speed of spindle 

d) Transmit power from spindle gear to stud gear 


Q8.While drilling in lathe, the drill is held in the 

a) Headstock 

b) Tailstock 

c) Compound rest 

d) Bed 


Q9.In a gap bed lathe, the gap is provided 

a) Just below the nose of the headstock spindle 

b) Just below the spindle of the tailstock 

c) In the middle of the bed 

d) Anywhere in the bed 


Q10.Tumbler gear quadrant is used for 

a) Increasing the speed of the spindle 

b) Decreasing the speed of the spindle 

c) Changing the direction of rotation of the lead screw 

d) Changing the direction of the spindle 


011.A faceplate is held at 

a) Headstock spindle 

b) Tailstock 

c) Tool post 

d) Bed 


Q12.The Horizontal feed, cross feed and screw cutting movement in a lathe is controlled by 

a) Headstock 

b) Tailstock 

c) Cross-slide 

d) Apron 


Q13.The headstock of a lathe is situated at the 

a) Right-hand end of the lathe bed 

b) Left-hand end of the lathe bed 

c) Middle of the lathe bed 

d) Bottom of the lathe bed 


Q14.Which one of the following is not a part of a centre lathe? 

a) Saddle 

b) Feed rod 

c) Arbor 

d) Lead screw


Q15. Which of the following not a part of the taper turning attachment?

a) Guide block

b) Sliding block

c) Guide bar

d) Carrier


Part 5: List for questions and answers of Lathe Construction                                                          


Q1. Answer: b


Q2. Answer: c


Q3. Answer: d


Q4. Answer: a 


Q5. Answer: d


Q6. Answer: b


Q7. Answer: a


Q8. Answer: b


Q9. Answer: a


Q10. Answer: d


Q11. Answer: a


Q12. Answer: d


Q13. Answer: b


Q14. Answer: c


Q15. Answer: d