Measurement and Measuring Tools 32

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Subject: Measurement and Measuring Tools

ITI Trades MCQ: Fitter, Turner, Machinist

Part 32: List for questions and answers of Measurement & Measuring Tool                                


Q1. Steel rule is 

a) Marking instrument

b) Precision instrument

c) Checking instrument

d) Direct reading measuring instrument


Q2. What is determined while measuring a component?

a) Nominal size

b) Actual size

c) Specified size

d) Scale size


Q3.stell rule is made up of 

a) brass

b) zinc

c) stainless steel

d) cast iron


Q4.  Which of the following instrument is used for checking flatness & squareness of a surface?

a) Try square

b) Vernier height gauge

c) Slip gauge

d) Bevel gauge


Q5.which of the following is an indirect measuring tool?

a) Inside caliper

b) Vernier caliper

c) Universal bevel protector

d) Inside micrometer


Q6. The base unit of length as per SI unit is

a) inch

b) foot

c) centimeter

d) meter


Q7. Which is not the use of a try square?

a) Measuring right angle

b) Checking squareness

c) Making straight lines at 90 deg against an edge

d)  Setting workpiece at 90 deg


Q8.which of the following is direct measuring tool?

a) Try square

b) Steel rule

c) Straight edge

d) Ring gauge


Q9. The minimum measurement that can be read with the help of a steel rule is

a) 0.01mm

b) 0.02mm

c) 0.05mm

d) 0.50mm


Q10.try square is used to check up an angle of

a) 30 deg.

b) 45 deg.

c) 60 deg.

d) 90 deg. a metric micrometer, a complete revolution of thimble advances 

a) 0.01mm

b) 0.25mm

c) 0.50mm

d) 1.00mm


Q12.the least count of vernier bevel protector is

a) 1’

b) 5’

c) 10’

d) 25’


Q13.the least count of metric micrometer is 

a) 0.01mm

b) 0.05mm

c) 0.10mm

d) 0.50mm


Q14. An outside micrometer has a negative error. The correct reading can be taken by

a) Adding the negative error in the actual reading

b) Deducting the negative error from the actual reading 

c) Adding the twice the negative error in the actual reading 

d) Deducting twice the negative error from the actual reading


Q15.what is the zero reading of a 50-75 mm outside micrometer

a) 0.00mm

b) 0.01mm

c) 25mm

d) 50mm


Q16.which of the following instrument is used check the concentricity of the outside diameter 

a) Vernier caliper

b) Outside micrometer

c) Dial test indicator 

d) Dial caliper


Q17. The minimum measurement that can be correctly read with a vernier calliper is called 

a) Zero reading

b) Least count

c) Main scale reading

d) Actual reading minus zero error 


Q18.metric outside micrometer has a threaded spindle with a pitch of 

a) 0.5mm

b) 0.25mm

c) 1.00mm

d) 1.5mm error in micrometer means

a) There is negligible gap between spindle and the anvil

b) Micrometer is true

c) Zero mark on thimble is not visible

d) Zero on thimble and datum line on sleeve do not coincide when measuring faces are in contact


Q20.lock nut in the micrometer is provided to

a) Control the movement of the spindle

b) Lock the reading after setting it over the work piece 

c) Measure the work piece accurately 

d) Lock the micrometer when it is not in use


Part 32: List for questions and answers of Measurement & Measuring Tool                                


Q1. Answer: d


Q2. Answer: b


Q3. Answer: c


Q4. Answer: a


Q5. Answer: a


Q6. Answer: d


Q7. Answer: a


Q8. Answer: b


Q9. Answer: d


Q10. Answer: d


Q11. Answer: c


Q12. Answer: b


Q13. Answer: a


Q14. Answer: a


Q15. Answer: d


Q16. Answer: c


Q17. Answer: b


Q18. Answer: a


Q19. Answer: d


Q20. Answer: b