Screw Threads and Cutting 10

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Subject Name: Screw Threads and Cutting

ITI Trades MCQ: Fitter, Turner, Machinist

 Part 10: List for questions and answers of Screw Threads                                                                 


Q1. The head of a thumb screw is ……. In shape.

a) Hexagonal

b) Square

c) Circular

d) Triangular


Q2. A small headless screw having a slot cut for a screw driver is called

a) Grub screw

b) Set screw

c) Stud

d) Thumb screw


Q3. Which one of the following statements is not true about set screw ?

a) It is semi-permanent fastener

b) It is headless

c) It is generally used to screw one object within another

d) It is unable to prevent relative motion between two rotating parts


Q4. The most common shape of nut is

a) Square

b) Hexagonal

c) Round

d) Flat


Q5. A bolt that has wood thread on one end and machine thread on the other end is called

a) Shoulder bolt

b) Carriage bolt

c) J – bolt

d) Hangar bolt


Q6. A bolt that is used to create a pivot point is called

a) Shoulder bolt

b) J – bolt

c) U-bolt

d) Carriage bolt


Q7. Root diameter of a thread is another name for

a) Main diameter

b) Major diameter

c) Minor diameter

d) Base diameter


Q8. The distance from a given point on one thread to a corresponding point on the next thread is called

a) Helix

b) Pitch

c) Lead

d) Travel


Q9. In a threaded assembly the contact between the male and female threads takes place on the

a) Pitches

b) Flanks

c) Crests

d) Roots


Q10.a screw thread is formed on a cylindrical surface by cutting

a) Helical grooves

b) V-grooves

c) Square grooves

d) Half round grooves a single start thread

a) Lead and pitch are equal

b) Lead is double the pitch

c) Pitch is double the lead

d) Lead is half the pitch


Q12. Which one of the following is the reason for rough and broken threads ?

a) Thread cutting tool blunt

b) The size of hole or diameter of the blank for bolt is not correct

c) The flutes of cutting tool are filled with chips

d) All the above


Q13. The angle of i.s. thread (v-shaped) is

a) 29°

b) 4712°

c) 150°

d) 60°


Q14. A key that fits into a semicircular keyway cut in the shaft is

a) Gib head key

b) Feather key

c) Woodruff key

d) Saddle key


Q15. While machining cast iron, the coolant used should be

a) Dry air

b) Kerosene

c) Machine oil

d) Soft water


Part 10: List for questions and answers of Screw Threads                                                                 


Q1. Answer: c


Q2. Answer: a


Q3. Answer: d


Q4. Answer: b


Q5. Answer: d


Q6. Answer: a


Q7. Answer: c


Q8. Answer: b


Q9. Answer: b


Q10. Answer: a


Q11. Answer: a


Q12. Answer: d


Q13. Answer: d


Q14. Answer: c


Q15. Answer: a