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Part 25: List for questions and answers of Sample Question Paper Turner


Q1. Screw pitch gauge determines

a) Pitch diameter of threads

b) Thread pitch

c) Major diameter of internal thread / Minor diameter of external thread

d) All of the above


Q2. What is the suitable heating temperature for low carbon steel for forging?

a) 720 degree celsius

b) 650 degree celsius

c) 900 degree celsius

d) 1300 degree celsius


Q3. Upon heat treatment of carbon steel, which of the following will give the maximum hardness?

a) Normalising

b) Tempering

c) Quenching after austenitising

d) Annealing


Q4. As per ISO designation for carbide tools, ISO 8 is

a) Offset facing tool

b) Parting tool

c) Boring tool

d) Corner boring tool


Q5. Which of the following is not a part of micrometr?

a) Leg

b) Spindle

c) Anvil

d) Thimble


Q6. In oxy acetylene gas welding, which type of flame is most commonly used?

a) Oxidising flame

b) Neutral flame

c) Carburising flame

d) Any type of flame can be used


Q7. How taper turning can be done in a lathe

a) Using form tool

b) Adjusting compound slide

c) Taper attachment

d) All of the above


Q8. A special feature of radial drilling machine is

a) It can be used for drilling with HSS drill

b) Table can be radially moved and set in any position

c) Arm can swivel out of table area to load jobs

d) Variety of speeds is available


Q9. Which of the following instrument has a Vernier scale

a) Vernier caliper

b) Universal Bevel protractor

c) Both (a) and (b)

d) Neither (a) nor (b)


Q10. What is the function performed by jig but not by fixture?

a) Guiding the tool

b) Support

c) Locating

d) Holding


Q11. Which component helps the cutting tool to make the master piece profile in a copying centre lathe?

a) Rod

b) Crank

c) Tracer

d) Link


Q12. Slip gauges for purpose of general workshop applications are

a) Grade 0 accuracy

b) Grade I accuracy

c) Grade II accuracy

d) Grade IV accuracy


Q13. Which of the following is not a thread making process?

a) Milling

b) Rolling

c) Tapping

d) Hobbing


Q14. Thread Helix in a turn buckle is

a) Left hand

b) Right hand

c) No threads

d) both (a) and (b)


Q15. Using a 4-jaw chuck over 3-jaw chuck will be advantageous in which of the following operations?

a) Drilling

b) Taper turning

c) Eccentric Turning

d) Trepanning


Q16. Radius gauges are used to check

a) Internal radius

b) External radius

c) Both (a) and (b)

d) None of the above


Q17. Which of the following is an interference fit?

a) H7g6

b) H7f7

c) H7s6

d) H7k6


Q18. Which of the following process squeezes material into peaks and troughs with plastic deformation?

a) Grooving

b) Knurling

c) Reaming

d) Boring


Q19. Which of the following is not a constituent of plain carbon steel in annealed condition?

a) Pearlite

b) Martensite

c) Ferrite

d) Cementite


Q20. What is the percentage of carbon in mild steel?

a) Less than 0.3%

b) Less than 2% but more than 0.3%

c) More than 2%

d) None of the above


Part 25: List for questions and answers of Sample Question Paper


Q1. Answer b

Q2. Answer d

Q3. Answer c

Q4. Answer c

Q5. Answer a

Q6. Answer b

Q7. Answer d

Q8. Answer c

Q9. Answer c

Q10. Answer a

Q11. Answer c

Q12. Answer c

Q13. Answer d

Q14. Answer d

Q15. Answer c

Q16. Answer c

Q17. Answer c

Q18. Answer b

Q19. Answer b

Q20. Answer a