Business Communication 6

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Objective Questions and Answers of MBA: Business Communication 6

Subject: Objective Questions and Answers of MBA: Business Communication 6

Part 6: Objective questions and answers of Business Communication


Q1. Normal salutation in chairman's speech will be

a) Ladies and gentlemen.

b) Dear Sir.

c) Respected sir.

d) Madame.


Q2. Lateral communication is between

a) Superior and subordinate.

b) Same cadre of personal.

c) Subordinate and superior.

d) Among all.


Q3. The possibility of misunderstanding at any step ______________

a) Brain drain.

b) Output.

c) Channel.

d) Medium.


Q4. ________________ is the information or ideas the sender wants to give the receiver

a) Input.

b) Channel.

c) Message.

d) Output.


Q5. A report is a basic management tool used in ______________

a) Personality development.

b) Decision making.

c) Individual development.

d) Self-motivation.


Q6. The minute books are the ______________ book of the company.

a) Subsidiary.

b) Statutory.

c) Obligatory.

d) Secondary.


Q7. Clearance sales refer to ______________

a) Sale of pure chemicals.

b) Sale of detergents.

c) Sale of food products.

d) Sale of chemicals.


Q8. ______________ is the list of words used in the reports.

a) Conclusion.

b) Glossary.

c) Index.

d) Reference.


Q9. ______________ is the set of instructions given to the computers.

a) Hardware.

b) Software.

c) Human ware.

d) Firmware.


Q10. Which one is not a component of a business letter?

a) Envelope.

b) Salutation.

c) Subject.

d) Complimentary close.


Q11. How to make audio-visual communication effective?

a) The pictures are colourful.

b) Clearly written.

c) Speak politely

d) Silent.


Q12. Messieurs

a) A french term meaning gentlemen

b) Used in singular.

c) Is a title like doctor

d) Many.


Q13. Margin to a letter is like ______________

a) Frame of a picture.

b) Evidence for the communication.

c) Engine to a machine.

d) Borders.


Q14. ______________ is the essential aspect of communication

a) Enclosure.

b) Letter.

c) Telephone.

d) Feedback.


Q15. ______________ Communication is unsuitable for lengthy message.

a) Oral.

b) Written.

c) Vertical.

d) Audio visual.


Q16. The letter should be based on ______________

a) I attitude.

b) You attitude.

c) We attitude.

d) My attitude.


Q17. The participants of a board meeting are ______________

a) Member.

b) Directors.

c) Member and directors.

d) Outsiders


Q18. A report prepared and presented according to the form and procedure laid down law is called a ______________

a) Law report.

b) Procedure report.

c) Company report.

d) Statutory report.


Q19. ______________ stands for mental health

a) Morale.

b) Motivation.

c) Co-operation.

d) Coordination.


Q20. ______________ the sources of information is a kind of spadework.

a) Analyzing.

b) Investigating.

c) Making outline.

d) Writing report.


Part 6: Objective questions and answers of Business Communication


Q1. Answer a


Q2. Answer b


Q3. Answer a


Q4. Answer a


Q5. Answer a


Q6. Answer b


Q7. Answer b


Q8. Answer b


Q9. Answer b


Q10. Answer a


Q11. Answer a


Q12. Answer a


Q13. Answer a


Q14. Answer d


Q15. Answer a


Q16. Answer b


Q17. Answer a


Q18. Answer a


Q19. Answer a


Q20. Answer b

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