Business Environment 8

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Objective Questions and Answers of MBA: Business Environment 8

Subject: Objective Questions and Answers of MBA: Business Environment 8

Part 8: Objective questions and answers of Business Environment


Q1. The _______________ activities involved in bringing raw materials to the factory and end products from there to the market constitute business.

a) Complex.

b) Single.

c) Multitudinous.

d) Varied.


Q2. Interference of government in business was on the ascendancy of _______________.

a) 1960

b) 1970

c) 1980

d) 1990


Q3. ______________ refers to all external forces which have a bearing on the functioning of business.

a) Technology.

b) Climate.

c) Force.

d) Environment.


Q4. ______________ decides on a particular course of action in business problem.

a) Legislature.

b) Executive.

c) Judiciary.

d) Jobless.


Q5. The _______________ involves identifying and evaluating how and why current and projected environment change which effect strategic management of the organization?

a) Assessment.

b) Report.

c) Job.

d) Work.


Q6. In capitalism profits and wages are in relation to ones _______________________.

a) Ability.

b) Strain.

c) Loss.

d) Risk.


Q7. The liberalization of the rules relating to fdi permitting ______________% equity in industries

a) 50

b) 51

c) 52

d) 53


Q8. The objective of privatization is to improve the performance of _______________.

a) Psu

b) Pus

c) Pvt.

d) Pst.


Q9. Idbi, ifci, icici and nationalized commercial banks ______________ in preventing industrial sickness

a) Favorable.

b) Unfavorable.

c) Conditional.

d) Unconditional.


Q10. ______________ was in the first position in their social status.

a) Brahmins.

b) Vaishyar.

c) Kshatriyas.

d) Sudras.


Q11. Industrialization has raised the standard of _______________.

a) Employees.

b) Owners.

c) Shopkeepers.

d) Farmers.


Q12. There are ______________ fundamental rights.

a) 10.

b) 12.

c) 14.

d) 16.


Q13. An element of business environment comes under the condition of ______________.

a) Macro environment and micro environment.

b) Internal environment.

c) External environment.

d) Local environment.


Q14. Technology is the systematic application of _______________.

a) Art.

b) Physics.

c) Science.

d) Zoology.


Q15. Prospective mode focuses on identifying ______________ of potential environmental change.

a) Protectors.

b) Indicators.

c) Converters.

d) Loss.


Q16. ______________ means complete dependence on another countries rule.

a) Democratic.

b) Sovereignty.

c) Monarch.

d) Communism.


Q17. Introduction to the constitution is _______________.

a) Preamble.

b) Fundamental rights.

c) Directive principles of state policy.

d) None of the above.


Q18. The center for political authority for all functions is _______________.

a) Legislature.

b) Executive.

c) Judiciary.

d) Priest.


Q19. Water logging & increased salinity & alkalinity of soil are the manifestation of________.

a) Pollution.

b) Medicine.

c) Rain.

d) Waterfall


Q20. Ethics is important to create _______________.

a) Value and belief.

b) Interest.

c) Attitude.

d) Perception.


Part 8: Objective questions and answers of Business Environment


Q1. Answer c


Q2. Answer c


Q3. Answer d


Q4. Answer a


Q5. Answer a


Q6. Answer a


Q7. Answer b


Q8. Answer a


Q9. Answer b


Q10. Answer a


Q11. Answer a


Q12. Answer c


Q13. Answer a


Q14. Answer c


Q15. Answer b


Q16. Answer b


Q17. Answer a


Q18. Answer a


Q19. Answer a


Q20. Answer a

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