Business Law 14

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Objective Questions and Answers of MBA: Business Law 14

Subject: Objective Questions and Answers of MBA: Business Law 14

Part 14: Objective questions and answers of Business Law


Q1. ______________ is a person who has ultimate control over the affairs of factory

a) Young person

b) Adult

c) Occupier

d) Adolescent


Q2. Which of the following documents is submitted by the board of directors at every agm______________?

a) Balance sheet

b) Profit and loss account

c) Both a and b

d) None of the above


Q3. Where a directors acts dishonestly to the interest of the company. He will be held liable for ______________

a) Negligence

b) Malafide acts

c) Ultra virus acts

d) Breach of fiduciary duty


Q4. Shelf prospects relates under sec. ______________

a) 16 a

b) 14 a

c) 60 a

d) 40 a


Q5. As per sec. 439 who can file a petition to the tribunal for winding up?

a) The registrar

b) Company

c) Contributory

d) Any one of these.


Q6. Minimum ______________ and maximum ______________ constitute a private limited company

a) 2 of 10

b) 7 of unlimited

c) 2 of 15

d) 2 of 50


Q7. The common seal of the company is the ______________

a) Official signature of the company

b) Rights of the company

c) General view of the company

d) None of the above.


Q8. Corporate veil ensures ______________ of the company

a) Protection

b) Legal immunity

c) Both a and b

d) None of the above.


Q9. A printed copy articles as altered shall be filed by the company with the register within ______ of order of approval from central

a) 3 months

b) 6 months

c) One month

d) 2 month


Q10. Prospectus must therefore make full and honest declaration of materials facts without concealing or omitting any relevant fact. This is known as ______________

a) Twiquant rule

b) Golden rule

c) General rule

d) Special rule


Q11. In case of a company limited by guarantee, the liability of the members can be enforced

a) Only at the time of winding up of the company

b) At any time when the company so decide

c) Only by an order of court

d) Only by an order of registrar of companies


Q12. Registered office clause of memorandum of association contain ______________

a) The complete postal address

b) The name of registrar of companies

c) The name of city/ town only and not that of the state

d) The name of the state in which registered office of the company is to situate


Q13. Offers may be invited from the public by issuing a document known as _______

a) Prospectus

b) Notice

c) Circular

d) All of the above


Q14. ______________ Member of directors need to retire every year

a) 2/3

b) 2

c) ¼

d) 1/3


Q15. The term whole time director is defined in sec ______________ of the companies act 1956

a) 2(25)

b) 2(24)

c) 3(25)

d) 3(24)


Q16. Decisions of a company are made by ______________ of its members passed at meeting of members

a) Notice

b) Resolution

c) Quorum

d) Circular


Q17. ______________ is the first state in which assists realized liabilities are paid off and surplus is distributed

a) Dissolution

b) Winding up

c) Acquisitions

d) All of the above


Q18. A ______________ is a visual symbol attached to goods

a) Patent

b) A trade mark

c) Corporal goods

d) Sealed goods


Q19. The company agrees that the remuneration of non – executive directors shall be decided by ______________

a) Company

b) Share holders

c) Board of directors

d) Central government


Q20. The alteration of the memorandum has to be certified by the registrar within

a) 30 days

b) 15 days

c) 45 days

d) 60 days


Part 14: Objective questions and answers of Business Law


Q1. Answer c


Q2. Answer c


Q3. Answer d


Q4. Answer c


Q5. Answer d


Q6. Answer d


Q7. Answer a


Q8. Answer b


Q9. Answer c


Q10. Answer b


Q11. Answer a


Q12. Answer d


Q13. Answer a


Q14. Answer d


Q15. Answer b


Q16. Answer b


Q17. Answer b


Q18. Answer b


Q19. Answer c


Q20. Answer a

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