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Objective Questions and Answers of MBA: Business Law 19

Subject: Objective Questions and Answers of MBA: Business Law 19

Part 19: Objective questions and answers of Business Law


Q1. ______________ mean a person who is either child or adolescent

a) Child

b) Young person

c) Adolescent

d) Adult


Q2. A registered trade mark is called ______________

a) Patent

b) Sealed good

c) Common law mark

d) ISI mark


Q3. Shelf prospectus means a prospectus issued by ______________

a) Any trading company

b) Any industrial company

c) Any financial institution of bank

d) None of the above.


Q4. For declaration of dividend no ______________ resolution is required

a) Ordinary

b) Special

c) Simple

d) None of the above


Q5. Private company means a company which has a minimum paid up capital of _______

a) Rs.2,00,000

b) Rs.5,00,000

c) Rs.1,00,000

d) Rs.1,50,000


Q6. Doctrine of ultra-virus has reference to ______________ clause

a) Object

b) Subscription

c) Liability

d) None of these.


Q7. The idea of carrying on a business is conceived by a person by a group of persons called 

a) Exploits

b) Promoters

c) Directors

d) None of these


Q8. The association that are not registered under sec. Ii of the companies act is ______

a) Incorporated association

b) Illegal association

c) ]non licensed association

d) Unregistered association


Q9. ______________ is the construction of a company

a) Promotion

b) Certificate of incorporation

c) Memorandum

d) Documents


Q10. ______________ is subordinate to and controlled by the memorandum of association

a) Prospectus

b) Statement in lieu

c) Articles of association

d) None of the above


Q11. ______________ is the supreme policy framing and decision making organ of a company.

a) Board of directors

b) Share holders

c) Auditor

d) Body corporate


Q12. Minimum number of directors in private company is ______________

a) 3

b) 2

c) 4

d) 1


Q13. Statutory meeting held within a period of ______________

a) 90 days from the date at which the company is entitled to start its business

b) 6 months from the date of incorporation

c) Not less one month & not more than 6 month which the company is entitled to start its business

d) 18 months from the date of incorporation


Q14. Special resolution is passed by majority ______________ of the members voting by show of hands or on poll either in person or by proxy.

a) 1/3

b) ½

c) 3

d) ¾


Q15. A person who completed 15th year and below 18 year

a) Audit

b) Adolescent

c) Minor

d) Young person


Q16. The board shall meet at least four time a year, with a maximum times gap of _______ between any two meetings

a) 6 months

b) 3 months

c) 2 months

d) 4 months


Q17. A unique feature of trade mark is its ______________

a) Corporality

b) Perpetual life

c) Degeneration

d) Industrialism


Q18. The statement in lieu of prospectus must be filed with the registrar at least ______ days before any allotment of shares is made.

a) 15

b) 30

c) 6

d) 3


Q19. A company is the creation of ______________

a) Common seal

b) Law

c) Share capital

d) Members


Q20. Statutory companies are those incorporated under a special act passed by ___

a) Companies act

b) Parliament

c) Special resolution

d) Law


Part 19: Objective questions and answers of Business Law


Q1. Answer b


Q2. Answer c


Q3. Answer c


Q4. Answer b


Q5. Answer c


Q6. Answer a


Q7. Answer b


Q8. Answer b


Q9. Answer c


Q10. Answer c


Q11. Answer a


Q12. Answer b


Q13. Answer c


Q14. Answer d


Q15. Answer b


Q16. Answer b


Q17. Answer b


Q18. Answer d


Q19. Answer b


Q20. Answer b

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