Computers In Management 5

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Objective Questions and Answers of MBA: Computers In Management 5

Subject: Objective Questions and Answers of MBA: Computers In Management 5

Part 5: Objective questions and answers of Computers In Management


Q1. Magnetic disk is used for ______________.

a) Reading of data.

b) Writing of data.

c) Permanent storage.

d) Easy to handle


Q2. The first generation of computing is ______________.

a) 1945-1956.

b) 1964-1971.

c) 1971-1995.

d) 1995-1998.


Q3. Data consists of ______________.

a) Number and characters.

b) Articles.

c) Papers.

d) Circuit.


Q4. Ftp is acronym of ______________.

a) File transfer protocol

b) File transmission protocol.

c) Funds transfer protocol.

d) File terminal protocol.


Q5. Java is a ______________.

a) Low level language.

b) Machine code.

c) High level language.

d) Database.


Q6. The processing speed of a computer is generally measured in ______________.

a) Kg

b) Nano seconds.

c) Milliseconds.

d) Hrs.


Q7. The most commonly used input device is ______________.

a) Mouse.

b) Scanner.

c) Keyboard.

d) Joystick.


Q8. Dos is a ______________.

a) Single-user operating system.

b) Single-user but multiple-programming.

c) Multi-user operating system.

d) Multi-user and multi-programming.


Q9. In an e-mail address @ is used it represents ______________.

a) Domain name.

b) Senders name.

c) Recipients name.

d) Network name


Q10. Ddp stands for ______________.

a) Distributed double processing.

b) Distributed data programming.

c) Double decimal processing.

d) Distributed data processing


Q11. Mini computers are used in ______________.

a) Industries.

b) Scientific research.

c) Engineering.

d) Companies.


Q12. A byte consists of ______________.

a) 4 bits.

b) 2 bits.

c) 6 bits.

d) 8 bits.


Q13. The payment on internet is generally made through ______________.

a) Cash card.

b) Debit card.

c) Credit card.

d) Digital signature.


Q14. One major drawback in time-sharing mode is that ______________.

a) The cpu is not utilized

b) Times slice for each program is low.

c) Instant program modification is not possible.

d) Users program is not secured.


Q15. What do you need for an inkjet printer?

a) Ink cartridge.

b) Drum.

c) Ribbon.

d) Laser.


Q16. Desktop external hard drive uses

a) 3.5 inch

b) 4.3 inch

c) 4.0 inch

d) 2.9 inch


Q17. The method of optical recognition can be used for correction of ______________.

a) Computer hardware

b) Optical characters.

c) Objective.

d) Magnetic tape.


Q18. Html means ______________.

a) Hyper text markup language.

b) Hyper testing markup language.

c) Hardware text markup language.

d) Hyper testing mapping language.


Q19. Which topics should not be introduced by an interviewer?

a) Pregnancy, any health conditions, or disabilities not related to job performance

b) Your religious affiliation

c) Children or child-care arrangements

d) All the above are topics that should not be asked in an interview


Q20. While you may not have the time or interest to learn about every culture, you can adapt to any culture by using all of the following techniques except

a) Emphasize common ground.

b) Increase your cultural sensitivity.

c) Take responsibility for communication.

d) Learn that people are typical of their race and gender.


Part 5: Objective questions and answers of Computers In Management


Q1. Answer c


Q2. Answer a


Q3. Answer a


Q4. Answer a


Q5. Answer c


Q6. Answer b


Q7. Answer c


Q8. Answer a


Q9. Answer a


Q10. Answer d


Q11. Answer b


Q12. Answer d


Q13. Answer c


Q14. Answer d


Q15. Answer a


Q16. Answer a


Q17. Answer b


Q18. Answer a


Q19. Answer d


Q20. Answer d

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