Computers In Management 6

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Objective Questions and Answers of MBA: Computers In Management 6

Subject: Objective Questions and Answers of MBA: Computers In Management 6

Part 6: Objective questions and answers of Computers In Management


Q1. Software of computer means ______________.

a) Electronic circuit and devices.

b) Printing device.

c) Interface between operator and machine.

d) Magnetic disk.


Q2. Super computer have ______________.

a) High speed processing.

b) High storage devices.

c) Fast speed operation.

d) Low speed operation.


Q3. Ram means ______________.

a) Restored actual memory.

b) Random access memory.

c) Rest ahead memory.

d) Remain ahead memory.


Q4. Which is the technology used as a direct entry method in break?

a) Ocr.

b) Omr.

c) Micr.

d) Mcr.


Q5. Batch processing is done ______________.

a) An priority basis.

b) On random basis

c) First come first serve basis.

d) Time basis.


Q6. Ip stands for ______________

a) Intranet protocol.

b) Intranet protocol

c) Individual protocol.

d) Industrial protocol.


Q7. Alu is ______________.

a) Arithmetic logic unit.

b) Array logic unit.

c) Application logic unit.

d) None of above.


Q8. ______________ is a method of exchanging digital messages from an author to one or more recipients.

a) Exchange.

b) Mail.

c) Net send.

d) E mail.


Q9. The area that contains the url or web address of the active web page is called the _________ bar.

a) Address

b) Menu.

c) Link.

d) Browser.


Q10. Atm is a service that can run over ______________.

a) Sonet.

b) Sdh.

c) B-isdn.

d) Isdn.


Q11. The example of sequential access memory is ______________.

a) Floppy disk.

b) Hard disk.

c) Magnetic tape.

d) Laser.


Q12. Which of the following is essential for using of a computer effectively?R

a) Executive software.

b) Command software.

c) System software.

d) Utility software


Q13. Which of the following is a requirement for e-commerce?

a) Paper.

b) Internet connectivity.

c) Usb.

d) Digital signature.


Q14. Edp mean ______________.

a) Electrical disk processing

b) Electronic data processing

c) Exact data processing.

d) Extra ordinary disk processing.


Q15. Second generation computer uses ______________.

a) Crt.

b) Typewriter.

c) Magnetic disc.

d) Plastic tape.


Q16. Formatting is a process of ______________.

a) Alignment of disk.

b) Creation of sectors.

c) Linking hard disk.

d) Process of arranging track and locate sectors.


Q17. The mouse which needs a special mouse pad is ______________.

a) Mechanical.

b) Opt mechanical.

c) Optical.

d) Joystick.


Q18. Assembler is a program that ______________.

a) Used as translator.

b) Does not require assembly language.

c) Does not generate error message.

d) Generate error message.


Q19. The use of integrated services digital network is ______________.

a) More faster

b) Slower.

c) Free service.

d) Constant access.


Q20. Ascii stands for ______________.

a) American stable code for international interchange.

b) American standard case for institutional interchange.

c) American standard code for information interchange.

d) American standard code for interchange information.


Part 6: Objective questions and answers of Computers In Management


Q1. Answer c


Q2. Answer a


Q3. Answer b


Q4. Answer c


Q5. Answer c


Q6. Answer c


Q7. Answer a


Q8. Answer d


Q9. Answer a


Q10. Answer c


Q11. Answer a


Q12. Answer c


Q13. Answer b


Q14. Answer b


Q15. Answer c


Q16. Answer d


Q17. Answer c


Q18. Answer a


Q19. Answer c


Q20. Answer c

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