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Objective Questions and Answers of MBA: E Business 4

Subject: Objective Questions and Answers of MBA: E Business 4

Part 4: Objective questions and answers of E Business


Q1. What web server functionality allows it verify usernames and passwords and process certificates and encryption information?

a) Processing of http requests

b) File transfer protocol

c) Data capture

d) Security services


Q2. The most widely used encryption standard is ______________.

a) Advanced encryption standard (aes)

b) Data encryption standard (des)

c) Universal encryption standard (ues)

d) Optimal encryption standard (oes)


Q3. Complete price transparency in a perfect information marketplace is necessary for ______________ to take effect.

a) Bertrand's law

b) The law of universal prices

c) The law of one price

d) The law of perfect commerce


Q4. E-business can be defined as ______________.

a) The uninhibited flow of information and goods on the web

b) The use of the internet and the web to transact business

c) Digitally enabled transactions and processes within an organization

d) Commercial transactions involving electronic goods


Q5. The ethical principle which states that if an action is not right for all situations, then it is not right for any situation is known as ______________.

a) The golden rule

b) Slippery slope

c) No free lunch

d) Universalism


Q6. What is the first step in a p3p-enabled transaction?

a) Send web page

b) Http get request web page

c) Send p3p policy files

d) Http get request p3p policy files


Q7. The majority of job seekers rely on which of the following?

a) Word-of-mouth leads

b) Employment agencies

c) Internet and newspapers equally

d) Internet only


Q8. Technologies that help enhance resolution of e-book reader display screens are known as ______________.

a) High-res pixel formatting

b) Screen resolution technologies

c) Sub-screen smoothing technologies

d) Sub-pixel display technologies


Q9. Which of the following best describes predicted growth in c2c and b2c auction spending?

a) B2c spending will overtake c2c spending

b) Both types of spending will increase

c) C2c spending will decrease while b2c increases

d) Both types of spending will decline at similar rates


Q10. All of the following are objectives of private industrial networks except ______________.

a) Developing efficient purchasing and selling business processes industry-wide

b) Operating on a local scale

c) Creating increased supply chain visibility

d) Reducing industry risk


Q11. Why would a merchant want to customize products?

a) To charge a higher price

b) To decrease costs

c) It is required in ec

d) Customers will only accept customized products


Q12. A ______________ is the set of planned activities designed to result in a profit in a marketplace.

a) Business model

b) Profit model

c) Business plan

d) Revenue model


Q13. Which of the following is not one of the stages of the development of the internet?

a) Innovation

b) Institutionalization

c) Globalization

d) Commercialization


Q14. All of the following are wireless internet access network technologies except ______________.

a) Wi-fi

b) Bluetooth

c) Zigbee

d) Gigapop


Q15. Which of the following is not a widely used midrange or high-end e-commerce suite?

a) Microsoft commerce server

b) Webtrends marketing lab2

c) Ibm websphere commerce

d) Broadvision commerce


Q16. Firewalls perform all of the following functions except ______________.

a) Forbids communications from untrustworthy sources

b) Allows communications from trustworthy sources

c) Eliminates viruses and other malicious attacks

d) Filters traffic based on packet attributes


Q17. Which of the following market entry strategies are the most common for existing firms?

a) First mover

b) Fast follower

c) Brand extender

d) Alliances


Q18. As consumers become more accustomed to new online advertising formats, clickthrough rates tend to ______________.

a) Remain constant

b) Decrease

c) Increase

d) Rapidly increase


Q19. The taxation system for e-commerce sales is best described as ______________.

a) Complex

b) Streamlined

c) Universal

d) Standardized


Q20. Which of the following is the largest online travel service?

a) Travelocity

b) Orbitz

c) Priceline

d) Expedia


Part 4: Objective questions and answers of E Business


Q1. Answer d


Q2. Answer a


Q3. Answer c


Q4. Answer c


Q5. Answer d


Q6. Answer b


Q7. Answer c


Q8. Answer d


Q9. Answer b


Q10. Answer b


Q11. Answer a


Q12. Answer a


Q13. Answer c


Q14. Answer d


Q15. Answer a


Q16. Answer c


Q17. Answer c


Q18. Answer b


Q19. Answer a


Q20. Answer d

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