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Objective Questions and Answers of MBA: English Language 3

Subject: Objective Questions and Answers of MBA: English Language 3

Part 3: Objective questions and answers of English Language


Q1. ______________ is one who initiates the communication.

a) Receiver

b) Spectator

c) Audience

d) Sender


Q2. ______________ forms of speech in the classroom is an integral part of pupils' success.

a) Correct

b) Incorrect

c) Improper

d) Invalid


Q3. ______________ builds a strong business and personal relationships.

a) Effective communication

b) Vague communication

c) Oral communication

d) Written communication


Q4. The diction exercises will help one learn how to ______________ clearly.

a) Write

b) Speak

c) Read

d) Listen


Q5. Choose the correct statement:

a) My aunt who lives in mumbai is a doctor.

b) My aunt, who lives in mumbai, is a doctor.

c) My aunt, who lives in mumbai is a doctor.

d) My aunt who lives in mumbai, is a doctor.


Q6. The ______________ are described as those who insist on keeping the windows open during the cold and desolate day.

a) Noisy children

b) Cranks

c) Mighty sleepers

d) Heavy carriers


Q7. Tagore's poetry had inspiration from traditional vaishnava folk and was often ________.

a) Metaphysical

b) Contemporary

c) Idealistic

d) Deeply mystical


Q8. Who announced the entry of the cobra into the compound?

a) Dasa

b) The neighbor

c) The lady servant

d) The cyclist


Q9. The whole day the boys ______________ to the cricket commentary.

a) Listen

b) Will listen

c) Has listened

d) Are listening


Q10. ______________ you know where ram lives?

a) Does

b) Do

c) Should

d) Have


Q11. You won't pass the test ______________ you study.

a) When

b) If

c) But

d) Unless


Q12. I like houses ______________ the river.

a) At

b) With

c) By

d) From


Q13. ______________ is the act of conveying information.

a) Listening

b) Observing

c) Communication

d) Questioning


Q14. Successful communication takes place when the receiver ______________ interprets the sender's message.

a) Wrongly

b) Ironically

c) Correctly

d) Actively


Q15. By eliminating ______________ words, you can help to make ideas stand out.

a) Necessary

b) Repetitive

c) Unnecessary

d) Correct


Q16. ______________ words are the key to excellent pronunciation and understanding of english.

a) Stressed

b) Function

c) Unaccented

d) Non-stressed


Q17. Message is ______________ when it contains all facts the listener needs.

a) Confusing

b) Complete

c) Fluent

d) Incomplete


Q18. The vowel sounds are ______________ in number.

a) Twenty

b) Six

c) Fifteen

d) Eighteen


Q19. "kick the bucket" is an euphemism that describes

a) Death of a person

b) Illness of a person

c) That the person is not available at the moment

d) Kicking the bucket


Q20. Intonation is the first step to be perceived by ear rather than the ______________ of an utterance.

a) Oral content

b) Verbal content

c) Speech

d) Monologue


Part 3: Objective questions and answers of English Language


Q1. Answer d


Q2. Answer a


Q3. Answer a


Q4. Answer b


Q5. Answer b


Q6. Answer b


Q7. Answer d


Q8. Answer d


Q9. Answer d


Q10. Answer b


Q11. Answer d


Q12. Answer c


Q13. Answer c


Q14. Answer c


Q15. Answer c


Q16. Answer a


Q17. Answer b


Q18. Answer a


Q19. Answer a


Q20. Answer b

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