Human Resource Management 12

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Objective Questions and Answers of MBA: Human Resource Management 12

Subject: Objective Questions and Answers of MBA: Human Resource Management 12

Part 12: Objective questions and answers of Human Resource Management


Q1. Position analysis questionnaire is

a) Quantitative approach

b) Qualitative approach

c) Economic approach

d) Managerial approach


Q2. Informing vacancies of employees internally ______________

a) Advertising

b) Internal advertising

c) External advertising

d) Modeling


Q3. An activity carried out for a specific purpose ______________

a) Duty

b) Job

c) Task

d) Code


Q4. Division of work to take the advantage of ______________

a) Discipline.

b) Specialization.

c) Aptitude.

d) Productivity.


Q5. Discharge may or may not be punishment but dismissal certainly means ______________.

a) Promotion.

b) Punishment.

c) Demotion.

d) Transfer.


Q6. Which test is conducted to develop the skills & abilities of the candidate?

a) Aptitude test.

b) Intelligence test.

c) Trade test.

d) Personality test.


Q7. This should cover responsibility for the maintenance of children during the entire period of contingency ______________.

a) Medical benefit.

b) Family benefit.

c) Old age benefit.

d) Survivors benefit.


Q8. The anxiety a person experiences when two sets of knowledge are contradictory or incongruent lead to ______________.

a) Cognitive dissonance

b) Negative attitude.

c) Stress.

d) Perception disorder.


Q9. A person who is responsible for managing the change effort in the organization is called ______________.

a) Manager.

b) Entrepreneur.

c) Change agent

d) Leader.


Q10. Movement of an employee from one job to another

a) Job enlargement

b) Retrenchment

c) Job rotation

d) Job design


Q11. Method of copying someone else's behaviour ______________

a) Education

b) Training

c) Mentoring

d) Modelling


Q12. Set of proposals and actions for managers dealing with the employees _______

a) Personnel policies

b) Personnel procedure

c) Personnel duties

d) Personnel roles


Q13. Employees hired for limited time to a specific job ______________

a) Permanent employees

b) Temporary employees

c) Contract employees

d) Employee hiring


Q14. Psyche means ______________.

a) Biology.

b) Spirit.

c) Behaviour.

d) Attitude.


Q15. Job analysis is the outcome of job description and ______________.

a) Job design

b) Job specification

c) Job evaluation

d) Job content


Q16. ______________ Training seeks to adjust newly appointed employees to the work environment.

a) Production

b) Induction

c) Safety

d) Refresher


Q17. Education brought the changes in the attitude of labour towards their______________.

a) Work.

b) Interest.

c) Labour.

d) Job.


Q18. An organization may choose to do all of the following to motivate a plateaued worker, except ______________

a) Lateral moves

b) Promotion

c) Temporary assignments

d) Committee assignments


Q19. The process of identifying human resource needs and formulating plans to meet these needs

a) Hr planning

b) Man power planning

c) It planning

d) Production planning


Q10. PAQ stands for ______________

a) Position alteration quotient

b) Position analysis questionnaire

c) Position activity question

d) Program analytical questionnaire


Part 12: Objective questions and answers of Human Resource Management


Q1. Answer a


Q2. Answer b


Q3. Answer c


Q4. Answer b


Q5. Answer b


Q6. Answer c


Q7. Answer b


Q8. Answer a


Q9. Answer c


Q10. Answer c


Q11. Answer d


Q12. Answer a


Q13. Answer b


Q14. Answer b


Q15. Answer b


Q16. Answer b


Q17. Answer a


Q18. Answer b


Q19. Answer a


Q20. Answer b

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