Human Resource Management 22

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Objective Questions and Answers of MBA: Human Resource Management 22

Subject: Objective Questions and Answers of MBA: Human Resource Management 22

Part 22: Objective questions and answers of Human Resource Management


Q1. Which is the principle of human relation?

a) Principle of motivation

b) Principle of participation

c) Principle of work recognition

d) Principle of mutual recognition

e) All of these


Q2. 3600 feedback involves appraisal by

a) Line managers

b) Subordinate

c) Superiors

d) Anyone who is directly in contact with appraise


Q3. Principals of training evaluation are

a) Clarity

b) Reliability

c) Validity

d) All of above


Q4. Choosing the right person to the right job is known as ______________

a) Selection

b) Recruitment

c) Placement

d) Induction


Q5. ______________ understood as the process of forecasting an organizations future demand for and supply of right type of people in the right number

a) Hrp

b) Hra

c) Hrm

d) None of these


Q6. Recruitment is done

a) By centralized office

b) Through different departments

c) Both a and b

d) None of the above


Q7. ______________ method of management development programme was developed

Harvard business school and incident method was developed at ______________

a) Vestibule training

b) Care study

c) Coaching

d) None of these


Q8. Levels of hrp is concerned with

a) Plant level

b) Departmental & divisional level

c) Top level

d) All of these


Q9. ______________ implies the shifting of an employee from one job to another job within a working group so the variety and relief from the boredom of routine

a) Job simplification

b) Job enlargement

c) Job rotation

d) All of these


Q10. Induction means planned introduction of employees to their

a) Job

b) Organization

c) Coworkers

d) All of these


Q11. Which are the factors that influencing the wage and salary administration

a) Internal

b) External

c) Both a & b

d) All of these


Q12. ______________ occurs when a person who wants and is able to work but cannot find work

a) Unemployment

b) Under employment

c) Both a & b

d) All of these


Q13. Off the job training methods are

a) Vestibule

b) Role playing

c) Behavioral experienced training

d) All of these


Q14. Performance appraisal objectives includes

a) Organization objectives

b) Feedback

c) Both a & b

d) All of these


Q15. Which of the following is the internal source of recruitment?

a) Promotion

b) Trainees

c) Transfers

d) All of these


Q16. Selection includes

a) Framing & developing application blanks

b) Checking of references

c) Formulating interviewing technique

d) All of these

e) None of these


Q17. Hrm aims at maximizing employees as well as organizational

a) Effectiveness

b) Efficiency

c) Economy

d) Performance


Q18. The simplest method for job evaluation is ______________ method in which job are arranged from highest to lowest order in terms of their value or merit to the organization

a) Paired comparison method

b) Ranking method

c) Bars

d) Mbo


Q19. Management by objective (mbo) technique was first promoted in 1950’s by which of the following management theorist

a) Peter f drucker

b) Karl marx

c) Webber

d) Fayol


Q20. ______________ are given to measure a prospective employee's motivation to function in a particular work environment

a) Personality test

b) Intelligence test

c) Aptitude test

d) Memory test


Part 22: Objective questions and answers of Human Resource Management


Q1. Answer e


Q2. Answer d


Q3. Answer d


Q4. Answer a


Q5. Answer a


Q6. Answer d


Q7. Answer b


Q8. Answer d


Q9. Answer c


Q10. Answer d


Q11. Answer c


Q12. Answer a


Q13. Answer d


Q14. Answer d


Q15. Answer d


Q16. Answer d


Q17. Answer a


Q18. Answer b


Q19. Answer a


Q20. Answer a

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