Human Resource Management 8

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Objective Questions and Answers of MBA: Human Resource Management 8

Subject: Objective Questions and Answers of MBA: Human Resource Management 8

Part 8: Objective questions and answers of Human Resource Management


Q1. The basic managerial skill(s) is (are)

a) To supervise

b) To motivate

c) To stimulate

d) All of these


Q2. HR planning involves four distinct phases one of these stages is

a) Business scanning

b) Forecasting human resource records

c) Organization development

d) Planning


Q3. Job evaluation is based on the:

a) Complexity of the job to perform

b) Conceptual skill required by the job

c) Relative job worth for an organization

d) Physical skills required by the job


Q4. Which performance appraisal methods consumes a lot of time?

a) Essay method

b) Rating scales

c) Critical incident

d) Tests and observation


Q5. Which of the following is a method used in group or organizational training needs assessment?

a) Consideration of current and projected changes

b) Rating scales

c) Interviews

d) Questionnaires


Q6. Which of the forecasting technique is the fastest?

a) Work study technique

b) Flow models

c) Ratio trend analysis

d) HR demand forecast


Q7. The human resource management helps to improve the ______________

a) Production

b) Productivity

c) Power

d) Produce


Q8. Human resource information system

a) Integrates core process into streamline systems

b) Collaborates core process into streamline systems

c) Plans core process into streamline systems

d) All of these


Q9. One of the most popular methods of increasing employee responsibility and control is ______________.

a) Outsourcing

b) "Military model" of management

c) Work teams

d) Manpower planning


Q10. The focuses of psychological appraisals are on ______________ .

a) Future potential

b) Actual performance

c) Past performance

d) None of these


Q11. What techniques are used while analyzing the internal supply?

a) Inflows and outflows

b) Turnover rate

c) Conditions of work and absenteeism

d) All of the these


Q12. Recruitment and selection must be effective to ensure it:

a) Offsets high labour turnover

b) Delivers the highest calibre of individuals at optimum most

c) To have a surplus in case of sickness and absence

d) Encourages new blood into the organization


Q13. What do you understand "s" in the defining smart goals

a) Solution

b) Specific

c) Standard

d) Soft


Q14. Full form of HRD is

a) Human resource development

b) Human resource department

c) Human resource division

d) None of these


Q15. ______________ refers to the learning opportunities designed to help employees grow.

a) Training

b) Development

c) Education

d) All of these


Q16. The ______________ refers incentives to variable pay.

a) National tribunal

b) International labour office

c) Labour court

d) None of the above


Q17. The following is (are) concerned with developing a pool of candidates in line with the human resources plan

a) Development

b) Training

c) Recruitment

d) All of these


Q18. The voluntary and involuntary permanent withdrawal from an organization is called ______________.

a) Turnover

b) Behavior

c) Misbehavior

d) None of these


Q19. ______________ seeks to examine the goals of the organization and the trends that are likely to affect these goals.

a) Organizational support

b) Organizational analysis

c) Person analysis

d) Key skill abilities analysis


Q20. What are the pre – requisites for successful human resource planning?

a) Backing of top management

b) Personal records must be complete

c) Techniques of planning should be the best

d) All of these


Part 8: Objective questions and answers of Human Resource Management


Q1. Answer d


Q2. Answer b


Q3. Answer a


Q4. Answer a


Q5. Answer d


Q6. Answer c


Q7. Answer b


Q8. Answer d


Q9. Answer c


Q10. Answer a


Q11. Answer d


Q12. Answer b


Q13. Answer b


Q14. Answer a


Q15. Answer d


Q16. Answer d


Q17. Answer c


Q18. Answer a


Q19. Answer d


Q20. Answer d

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