Marketing Management 21

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Objective Questions and Answers of MBA: Marketing Management 21

Subject: Objective Questions and Answers of MBA: Marketing Management 21

Part 21: Objective questions and answers of Marketing Management

Q1. ______________ Distribution system can be used to penetrate the rural market.

a) Satellite

b) Selective

c) Exclusive

d) Intensive


Q2. Which of the following is known as market aggregation?

a) Demarketing

b) Meta marketing

c) Mass marketing

d) Mega marketing


Q3. Under ______________ marketing every customer is treated as unique.

a) Word of mouth

b) Viral

c) Guerilla

d) One-on-one


Q4. ______________ is a low cost communication tool that can be easily tested, refined and rolled out.

a) Opt- in- e-mail

b) I- tv

c) I- radio

d) I-kiosks


Q5. A digital analog of various forms of payment backed by a bank or financial institution is


a) Etb

b) Eft

c) E-cash

d) E-money


Q6. ______________ is a security protocol based on digital certificates.

a) Digital signature

b) Secure sockets layer protocol

c) Secure electronic transactions

d) None of these


Q7. ______________ simply refers to product planning.

a) Merchandising

b) Assembling

c) R & d

d) None of these


Q8. Marketing is applicable in ______________

a) Goods

b) Events

c) Property

d) All of these


Q9. The essential criteria for effective segmentation is

a) Homogenity

b) Measurability

c) Profitability

d) All of these


Q10. Which of the following are the elements of product positioning?

a) The product

b) The company

c) The consumer

d) All of these


Q11. Which of the following is not a limitation of branding?

a) It is expensive

b) It reduces selling efforts

c) It promotes unfair competition

d) It leads to brand monopoly


Q12. ______________ influence product line decisions.

a) Customer preference.

b) Change in demand

c) Product specialization

d) All of these.


Q13. When a firm sets a very low price for one or more of its products with the intention of driving its competitors out of business

a) Predatory pricing

b) Economy pricing

c) Psychological pricing

d) Penetration pricing


Q14. ______________ is a system of selling goods directly to customers through a network of self-employed people

a) Multilevel marketing

b) Whole sale marketing

c) Vertical marketing

d) None of these


Q15. ______________ is a system of branch shops operated under a centralized management and dealing in similar lines of goods.

a) Super market

b) Multiple shops

c) Self-service store

d) None of these


Q16. If the product passes through a longer channel of distribution, the marketer will have to give importance to

a) Advertising

b) Personal selling

c) Direct selling

d) None of these


Q17. ______________ refers to duplicating the brand image of one product of promote another product of the same brand.

a) Surrogate advertising

b) Shortage advertising

c) Advocacy advertising

d) None of these


Q18. In marketing, mrp stands for

a) Managing public relation

b) Marketing public relation

c) Monitoring public relation

d) None of these


Q19. Yellow revolution refers to

a) Aquaculture

b) Milk

c) Poultry

d) None of these


Q20. Introducing a product at low price and increasing the price once the brand succeeds is known as ______________ pricing.

a) Penetration

b) Skimming

c) Going rate

d) None of these


Part 21: Objective questions and answers of Marketing Management


Q1. Answer a


Q2. Answer c


Q3. Answer d


Q4. Answer a


Q5. Answer a


Q6. Answer c


Q7. Answer a


Q8. Answer d


Q9. Answer d


Q10. Answer d


Q11. Answer b


Q12. Answer d


Q13. Answer c


Q14. Answer a


Q15. Answer b


Q16. Answer a


Q17. Answer a


Q18. Answer b


Q19. Answer c


Q20. Answer a

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