MCQ on Management Information 1

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Objective Questions and Answers of MBA: MCQ on Management Information 1

Subject: MCQ on Management Information 1

Part 1: List for questions and answers of Management information


Q1. _________ is an organized portfolio of formal systems for obtaining processing and delivering information in support of the business operations and management of an organization

a) MIS

b) DSS

c) MRS

d) None of the above


Q2. _______ expressly designed for the support of individual and collective decision making

a) MIS

b) DSS

c) TPS

d) OIS


Q3. ________ are formal social units devoted to the attainment of specific goals

a) Management

b) Organization

c) Decision support system

d) None of these


Q4. The cost of information can be _______

a) Costly

b) Valuable

c) Processing

d) None of the above


Q5. ________ technology include computers hardware, software, database management systems and data communication system

a) Information

b) Computer

c) Marketing

d) All of the above


Q6. Management, science, also known as _________, is a field of applied mathematics

a) Operations research

b) Management accounting

c) Exchange commission

d) System theory 


Q7. Mass production of computers started in ________, when UNIVAC 1 was delivered

a) 1951

b) 1953

c) 1946

d) 1954


Q8. ________ can occur at the individual, group, organizational or extra-organizational level

a) Planning

b) Controlling

c) Organizing

d) Scheduling


Q9. ________ ensuring that performance meets established standards that worker’s activities occurs as planned and that the organization process

a) Controlling

b) Planning

c) Leading

d) Organizing


Q10. ________ is the process of recording, classifying and summarizing the financial activities of an organization

a) Planning

b) Managerial

c) Accounting

d) Diagnosis


Q11. Human and computers are _______ in their ability to filter and save information

a) Similar

b) Different

c) Complementary

d) None Of these


Q12. EDI is an example of _________

a) Decision making

b) Boundary system

c) Coordination

d) Modeling 


Q13. In marketing, ______ is the focal point

a) Profit

b) Sales

c) Customer

d) All of the above


Q14. Reorder point tells

a) When to order

b) How much to order

c) When the order will reach

d) All of the above


Q15. The brand choice is heavily influenced by reference group in which stage of Product life cycle?

a) Introduction

b) Growth

c) Maturity

d) Decline


Q16. The major components of marketing mix are

a) Product

b) Price

c) Place

d) All of the above


Q17. Telecommunications means multiple computer interconnected into networks is called ______

a) Distributed database

b) Distributed processing

c) Central processing

d) None Of the above


Q18. Newspaper, magazine, radio, television are example of _________

a) Storing information

b) Retrieving information

c) Communication information

d) Acquiring information 


Q19. Adoption rate will be higher and faster if the product has

a) Lower price

b) Greater utility

c) Compatibility with society

d) All of the above


Q20. MRS stands for _______

a) Management reporting system

b) Management resource system

c) Management retrieve system

d) None Of these 


Part 1: List for questions and answers of Management information


Q1. Answer: a

Q2. Answer: b

Q3. Answer: b

Q4. Answer: b

Q5. Answer: a

Q6. Answer: a

Q7. Answer: a

Q8. Answer: a

Q9. Answer: a

Q10. Answer: c

Q11. Answer: c

Q12. Answer: b

Q13. Answer: c

Q14. Answer: a

Q15. Answer: c

Q16. Answer: d

Q17. Answer: b

Q18. Answer: d

Q19. Answer: d

Q20. Answer: a