Engineering Metallurgy 3

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Subject: Engineering Metallurgy 3

Part 3: List for questions and answers of Engineering Metallurgy

Q1. Which one of the following is not equilibrium heat treatment
a) Austenetising
b) Annealing
c) Normalizing
d) Precipitation

Q2. The hardenability is not affected by
a) Air
b) Chemical composition of steel
c) Critical cooling rate
d) Quenching medium and method of quenching

Q3. The slowest cooling rate is obtained when steel is quenched in
a) Air
b) Brine
c) Fused salt
d) Mixture of oil and water

Q4. The fastest cooling rate is achieved when steel is quenched in
a) Air
b) Oil
c) Water
d) Brine

Q5. Which one of the following is not correct?
a) Martensite has a BCC structure
b) Austenite has FCC structure
c) Martensite is a solid solution of carbon in BCC iron
d) The martensite which is formed during quenching is too brittle

Q6. Hardenability of steel is assessed by
a) Impact test
b) Jominy end-quench test
c) Hardness test
d) Non-destructive test

Q7. Annealing temperature is
a) Same as normalizing temperature
b) Greater than normalizing temperature
c) Less than normalizing temperature
d) Sometimes greater and sometimes lesser than normalizing temperature

Q8. Heat treatment that requires heating a part below A1 temperature, i.e. Between 550°C and 650° is called as
a) Hardening
b) Normalizing
c) Process annealing
d) Full annealing

Q9. Annealing improves
a) Grain size
b) Mechanical properties
c) Electrical properties
d) All of above

Q10. The product from blast furnace is called
a) Cast Iron
b) Wrought Iron
c) Pig Iron
d) Steel

Q11. Which is closest to the purest form of the iron?
a) Cast Iron
b) Wrought Iron
c) Pig Iron
d) Steel

Q12. Eutectic reaction for iron- carbon system occurs at
a) 600° C
b) 723° C
c) 1147° C
d) 1490° C

Q13. The crystal structure of α iron is
a) Simple Cubic
b) Face centered cubic
c) Body centered cubic
d) Close packed hexagonal

Q14. Steel can be hardened quickly by the process of
a) Induction hardening
b) Nitriding
c) Cyaniding
d) Carburizing

Q15. Materials are softened by
a) Carburising
b) Tempering
c) Normalizing
d) Annealing

Q16. A peritectic reaction is defined as
a) Two solids reacting to form a liquid
b) Two solids reacting not to form a liquid
c) A liquid and solid reacting to form another solid
d) Two solids reacting to form a third solid

Q17. The structures which have the highest packing of atoms are
a) Hexagonal close packed lattice
b) Body central cubic lattice
c) Simple cubic lattice
d) None of the above

Q18. Which of the following metal has lowest melting point?
a) Antimony
b) Tin
c) Silver
d) Zinc

Q19. Metal with hexagonal close packed structure is
a) Silver
b) Iron
c) Magnesium
d) Aluminium

Q20. Austempering is the heat treatment process used to obtain greater
a) Hardness
b) Toughness
c) Brittleness
d) Ductility

Part 3: List for questions and answers of Engineering Metallurgy

Q1. Answer: d

Q2. Answer: a

Q3. Answer: a

Q4. Answer: d

Q5. Answer: a

Q6. Answer: b

Q7. Answer: c

Q8. Answer: c

Q9. Answer: d

Q10. Answer: c

Q11. Answer: b

Q12. Answer: c

Q13. Answer: c

Q14. Answer: a

Q15. Answer: b

Q16. Answer: c

Q17. Answer: a

Q18. Answer: b

Q19. Answer: c

Q20. Answer: b